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Date Played: Friday, March 24, 2017

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Friday, March 24, 2017

12 AM

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Blue Blazes [7-2-1942]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Grand Central Getaway [V Disc 391 (Army) 7-12-1944]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Bob Allen Title: Gloomy Sunday [3-5-1936]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Coquette [1936-1937]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Siren's Serenade [3-12-1941]

Artist: Four Vagabonds Title: Rose Of Charing Cross [4-1943]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Lady Be Good [10-9-1936]

Artist: Harry James Title: Strictly Instrumental [12-30-1941]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Who's Excited [Hwd 12-4-1940]c

Artist: Georgie Auld v Sarah Vaughn Title: A Hundred Years From Today [1946]c

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Please Be Kind [8-7-1951]

Artist: John Scott Trotter v Bing Crosby Title: Girl Of My Dreams [6-30-1930]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Jersey Bounce [1962]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Ostrich Walk [5-9-1927]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Swing Out [4-8-1939]

Artist: Russ Morgan v Mert Curtis Title: Farewell, My Love [10-25-1937]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Chasin' With The Chase [Chi 4-8-1941]c

Artist: Ozzie Nelson v Ozzie Nelson Title: About A Quarter To Nine [4-18-1835]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: State And Tioga Stomp [5-1941]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Baby Brown [1-5-1935]

Artist: Helen Forrest And Dick Haymes Title: Why Does It Get So Late So Early [LA 6-28-1946]c

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Tell Me [1-27-1930]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Goofus [11-6-1930]

Artist: Wingy Manone v Wingy Manone Title: Fare Thee My Baby, Fare Thee Well [NY 6-19-1939]c

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Humoresque

01 AM

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Sweet And Lovely

Artist: Frank Sinatra with The Charioteers Title: Lily Belle [5-16-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Changes [7-7-1937]

Artist: Billy Butterfield v Margaret Whiting Title: Moonlight In Vermont [9-20-1944]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: I Believe In Miracles [1958]

Artist: John Kirby Title: You Go Your Way [4-22-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Maple Leaf Rag [10-18-1936]

Artist: Nat King Cole Title: Candy [1-26-1945]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Super Chief [NY 5-31-1940]

Artist: Harry James Title: Velvet Moon Hwd 7-31-1942]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio v Trio Title: Scotchin' With The Soda [Chi 3-14-1941]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Is It Taboo? (To Fall In Love With You) [9-3-1941]

Artist: Charlie Spivak v June Hutton Title: Dreamsville, Ohio [11-24-1941]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Night Hop [5-20-1940]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Rhythm Of The Tambourine [3-2-1937]

Artist: Mills Brother Title: Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) [1950]

Artist: Dolly Dawn And Her Dawn Patrol Title: I'll Stand By [4-24-1936]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Rainbow Rhapsody [7-15-1942]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Jazz Martini [3-1-1933]

Artist: Ray Noble v Tony Martin Title: Now It Can be Told [LA 3-20-1938]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Always [8-3-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Jubilee [1-29-1928]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Boo Dah [4-9-1953]

Artist: Georgie Stoll v Judy Garland Title: I Got Rhythm [1943]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Good-Bye [9-27-1935]

02 AM

Artist: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Swing Parade [NY 4-28-1941]c

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Yancey Special [3-10-1938]

Artist: Louis Armstrong And The Mills Brothers Title: In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree [NY 6-29-1937]c

Artist: Adelaide Hall Title: Baby [6-21-1928]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Do Do Do [5-1955]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: The Parade Of The Milk Bottle Caps [7-7-1936]

Artist: Count Basie Title: The World Is Mad (Part Two) [Chi 8-8-1940]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Charlie Barnet Title: Cross Patch [5-13-1936]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Just One Of Those Things [12-17-1935]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Wouldja Mind [NY 1-5-1940]c

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Stompology [5-19-2004]

Artist: Boots and His Buddies Title: Rhythmic Rhapsody [2-27-1937]

Artist: Ambrose Title: Caramba [1931-1932]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Jimmy Brown Title: Along the Santa Fe Trail [11-12-1940]

Artist: Jan Savitt Title: Topper [Hwd 5-26-1941]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: Floyd's Guitar Blues [3-16-1939]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Ella Fitzgerald A Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside [4-28-1949]

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: The Cannon Ball

Artist: Earl Hines v Billy Eckstine Title: Ann [NY 6-19-1940]

Artist: Paul Whiteman Title: Cho Cho San [8-25-1926]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Eddie Stone and Chorus Title: I Met Her On Monday [5-28-1942]

Artist: Jack Teagarden Title: United We Swing [10-6-1939]

Artist: Barney Bigard Title: Lost In Two Flats [NY 11-22-1939]

03 AM

Artist: Raymond Scott Title: Huckleberry Duck [12-21-1939]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Kay Weber Title: Every Single Little Tingle Of My Heart [NY 5-27-1935]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: Ain't Goin' Nowhere [NY 1-18-1939]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn v David Allyn Title: I Only Have Eyes For You [3-14-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Boys Title: A Jazz Holiday [1-23-1928]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Milenberg Joys [8-1-1938]

Artist: Jesters Title: Mom, I Miss Your Apple Pie [8-25-1941]

Artist: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Limehouse Blues NY 2-24-1934]c

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: How High The Moon [11-1944]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Hup-Je-De-Bee [8-31-1948]

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio v Rosemary Clooney Title: Memories Of You [NY 11-14-1955]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Bye, Bye Blues [6-7-1940]

Artist: Jan Garber Title: Why Don't You Practice What You Preach [Chi 5-8-1934]

Artist: Lil Armstrong And Her Swing Band v Lil Armstrong Title: You Shall Reap What You Sow [2-2-1938]

Artist: Henry Hall Title: Wild Ride [3-6-1934]

Artist: Lawrence Welk Title: That Old Black Magic

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio Title: Windy City Boogie Woogie [2-1941]

Artist: Artie Shaw and His New Music Title: Because I Love You [5-13-1937]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Bob Haymes and The Martin Men Title: From Twilight Till Dawn [6-5-1942]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen Title: Sugar [1944]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy Title: Jump, Jack, Jump [10-24-1938]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Tony Pastor Title: Whistle While You Work [12-30-1937]

Artist: Ray Noble Title: Harlem Nocturne [1940]

04 AM

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro Title: To Love Again [1956]

Artist: George Olsen and His Music v Bob Borger Title: Because My Baby Don't Mean 'Maybe' Now [5-28-1928]

Artist: Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Title: Galloping Comedians

Artist: Paul Weston v June Hutton And The Pied Pipers Title: Open The Door, Richard [1947]

Artist: Jean Goldkette Title: Just A Bird's-Eye-View Of My Old Kentucky Home [9-28-1926]

Artist: Mildred Bailey With Matty Malneck Title: Stop The Sun Stop The Moon [3-3-1932]

Artist: Sam Donahue Title: Round The Block [12-12-1945]

Artist: Gene Kardos v Dick Robertson Title: My Extraordinary Gal [4-7-1932]

Artist: Manny Green Title: Daydreams Come True At Night

Artist: Ray Miller Title: Adoring You [9-27-1924]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle and The Modernaires Title: Yesterday's Gardenias [6-17-1942]

Artist: Ray McKinley Title: The Chief [12-19-1946]

Artist: Harlan Leonard And His Rockets Title: My Gal Sal [Chi 1-11-1940]c

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Smith Ballew Title: Happy Feet [5-8-1930]

Artist: Georgie Auld Title: Juke Box Jump [1-1940]

Artist: Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Title: March Of The Bob Cats [3-14-1938]

Artist: Basie's Bad Boys Title: I Ain't Got Nobody [Chi 2-13-1939]

Artist: Art Hodes Title: Georgia Cake Walk [NY 3-17-1942]c

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians v Carmen Lomb Title: My Extraordinary Gal [NYC 4-7-1932]

Artist: Pete Johnson Title: Basement Boogie [1941]

Artist: Red Nichols and His Five Pennies Title: Feelin' No Pain [8-15-1927]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli v Beryl Dav Title: Undecided

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintet Title: Clair De Lune 1947]

Artist: Chuck Foster Title: Among My Souvenirs [12-1947]

05 AM

Artist: Jackie Gleason Title: Paddlin' Madelin' Home [1960]

Artist: Joe Marsala Septet Title: Southern Comfort [5-4-1945]

Artist: Coleman Hawkins Title: If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight [7-30-1952]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Gloria Wood Title: Managua, Nicargua [11-14-1946]

Artist: Clyde McCoy Title: Sugar Blues [1-22-1931]

Artist: Bob Crosby And His Bob Cats Title: Spain [2-6-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band v Chuck Richards Title: The Moon Is Grinning At Me [NY 10-15-1936]

Artist: Buster Bailey And His Seven Chocolate Dandies Title: Shanghai Shuffle [NY 12-28-1934]

Artist: Mound City Blue Blowers Title: Muskrat Ramble [12-12-1935]

Artist: Paul Weston Title: Lullaby In Rhythm [1956]

Artist: Glen Gray v Pee Wee Hunt Title: One Dozen Roses [NY 4-1-1942]

Artist: Joe Marsala And His Chosen 7 Title: Walkin' The Dog [NY 6-6-1942]

Artist: Frank De Vol v Margaret Whiting Title: A Tree In The Meadow [5-25-1948]

Artist: Errol Garner Title: This Can't Be Love [6-20-1949]

Artist: Lew Stone and His Stonecrackers Title: Beale Street Blues [5-21-1941]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan Title: Petootie Pie [10-8-1945]

Artist: Kay Kyser Title: For Sentimental Reasons [10-1-1936]

Artist: Benny Carter And The Ramblers Title: I'll Never Give In [Laren, The Netherlands, 3-24-1937]

Artist: Ray Miller and His Hotel Gibson Orchestra Title: Weary Blues [10-2-1927]

Artist: Georgie Stoll v Bing Crosby Title: Moonburn [11-35-1935]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Quartet Title: Just A Mood (Blue Mood) - Part II [9-5-1937]

Artist: Tony Pastor Title: Blossoms (Theme) [10-3-1941]

Artist: Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet Title: I'm Speaking My Mind [1947]

06 AM

Artist: Russ Morgan Title: You, You, You Are The One [1-20-1949]

Artist: Sidney Becher And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Egyptian Fantasy [NY 1-8-1941]

Artist: Horace Heidt v Larry Cotton Title: Mary

Artist: Hal Kemp Title: Sunrise Serenade [NY 4-8-1939]

Artist: Xavier Cugat Title: A Street In Old Seville [12-13-1935]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And The Four Keys Title: My Heart And I Decided [NY 7-31-1942]c

Artist: Arnett Cobb Title: Dutch Kitchen Bounce [8-1947]

Artist: Noble Sissle Title: Dear Old Southland [4-14-1937]

Artist: Pee Wee Hunt Title: 12th Street Rag [4-28-1948]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Fredda Gibson Title: Somebody Nobody Loves [NY 1-20-1942]c

Artist: Leonard Feather's Allstars Title: Living Room Romp [NY 1-1-1945]c

Artist: Teddy Hill v Bill Dillard Title: I Know Now [4-23-1937]

Artist: Bechet-Spanier Big Four Title: Four Or Five Times [3-28-1940]

Artist: Baron Lee and The Blue Rhythm Band Title: Heat Waves [2-25-1932]

Artist: Kurt Edelhagen Title: Alles Wird Gut [1965]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Bonnie King Title: Down Argentine Way [9-3-1940]

Artist: Wally Rose Title: Easy Winners [LA 6-12-1950]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Buddy Stewart Title: Change Your Mind [1945-1946]

Artist: L'orchestre Musette Victor Title: Joseph! Joseph! [Paris-July-August 1938]

Artist: Reginald Foresythe And His Music Title: Dodgin' A Divorcee [1-23-1935]

Artist: Paul Weston v The Pied Pipers Title: Mairzy Doats

Artist: Victor Sylvester Title: I Once Had A Heart, Margarita (Tango)

Artist: Skeets Tolbert Gentlemen Swing Title: Uncle Epp's Dream [NY 5-22-1941]c

Artist: Ruby Newman v Barry McKinley Title: Sing, Baby, Sing [8-31-1936]

Artist: Clyde McCoy And His Hotel Drake Orchestra Title: Wah Wah Lament [8-23-1931]

07 AM

Artist: Six Jumping Jacks Title: If You Can't Land 'Er On The Veranda [11-10-1926]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge Title: The Walls Keep Talking [Chi 8-21-1941]

Artist: Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra Title: Loose Like A Goose [7-18-1929]

Artist: Lucky Millinder v Wynonie Harris Title: Hurry, Hurry [5-26-1944]

Artist: Art Hodes' Chicagoans Title: Yellow Dog Blues [NYC 3-18-1944]

Artist: Johnny Hodges Title: That's The Blues, Old Man [Chicago 11-2-1940]

Artist: Harry Roy And His Mayfair Orchestra Title: I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo [1942]

Artist: Louis Prima v Louis Prima Title: The White Cliffs Of Dover [4-1944]

Artist: Kansas City Six Title: Pagin' The Devil [NY 9-27-1938]c

Artist: Sam Price's Texas Blusicians Title: Boogie Woogie Moan [NY 6-13-1941]

Artist: Bing Crosby And The Andrews Sisters Title: Don't Fence Me In [1944]

Artist: Meade Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson Title: Boogie Woogie Prayer Part II [12-30-1938]

Artist: Alec Wilder v Mildred Bailey Title: Hold On [11-30-1939]

Artist: Jerry Gray Title: The Third Man Theme [1946-1952]

Artist: Billy Kyle Trio Title: Finishin' Up A Date [NY 5-23-1939]

Artist: Andrews Sisters With Vic Schoen Title: Lullaby Of Broadway [8-24-1944]

Artist: Jack Teagarden v Marianne Dunn Title: I Hear Bluebirds [NY 4-15-1940]c

Artist: Les Brown Title: The Blue Danube [11-11-1947]

Artist: Raymond Scott Quintet Title: The Quintette Plays Carmen [7-21-1939]

Artist: Ruby Newman v Gordon Graham Title: My Silent Love [6-6-1932]

Artist: Willie Kelly Title: You'll Never Know [1943]

Artist: Johnny Knorr Title: Swing

Artist: Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven Title: The Sheik Of Araby [7-15-1938]

Artist: Eric Winstone and His Swing Quartet v Julie Dawn Title: Boa Noite (Good Night) [1941]

Artist: Andy Kirk Title: Mary's Idea [12-6-1938]

08 AM

Artist: David Rose Title: An American In Paris [1951]

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians Title: Blue Tango [1951]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Bing Crosby, Al Rinker, Jack Fulto Title: I'm A Dreamer - Aren't We All? [NY 10-16-1929]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mae Questal Title: The Broken Record [New York 1-8-1936]

Artist: Omer Simeon Trio Title: Smokehouse Blues [8-21-1929]

Artist: Albert Ammons Title: Shout For Joy [12-30-1938]

Artist: Les and Larry Elgart Title: Turk's Groove [1960]

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Boys v Chick Bullock Title: Rhythm Saved The World [4-13-1936]

Artist: Horace Heidt And His Brigadiers Title: Once In A While [10-3-1937]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing v Yack T Title: I'll Make It Worth Your While [NY 10-2-1940]

Artist: Vince Giordano Title: Southbound [10-2-1992]

Artist: Joe Sullivan Title: Just Strollin' [8-8-1935]

Artist: Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman Title: Stardust

Artist: Freddie Martin v Clyde Rogers Title: Intermezzo [3-26-1941]

Artist: Sidney Bechet Title: Si Tu Vois Ma Mère [1-18-1952]

Artist: James 'Trummy' Young Title: Rattle And Roll [1944-1946]

Artist: Henry Croudson v Anne Shelton Title: I Remember The Cornfields [1948]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake 7 Title: Everybody's Doin' It [NYC 3-10-1938]

Artist: Al Kavelin's Cascading Chords v Bill Darnell Title: Practice Makes Perfect [8-8-1940]

Artist: Buster Bailey Sextet Title: April In Paris [NY 5-1940]c

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v The Three Esquires Title: I'll Dream My Way To Heaven [NY 2-17-1937]

Artist: Will Glah Title: Woodpecker [1940]c

Artist: Jess Stacy and His Stars Title: Noni [9-29-1939]

09 AM

Artist: Django Reinhardt And The Quintette Of The Hot Club Title: Begin The Beguine [Paris 10-1-1940]c

Artist: Nat Shilkret v Helen Kane Title: That's My Weakness Now [7-16-1928]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 Title: After School Swing Session [NY 3-13-1940]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Jack Teagarden Title: Somebody Loves Me [NY 4-27-1936]

Artist: Charlie Barnet And His Glen Island Casino Orchestr Title: Where Is My Heart [NY 6-1-1936]

Artist: Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five Title: The Sad Sack-Blues [1-9-1945]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Bill Stoker and Ginny Simms Title: It's Love I'm After [10-1-1936]

Artist: Woody Herman And His Orchestra Title: That's My Desire

Artist: Eddie South Title: Eddie's Blues [Paris 9-29-1937]

Artist: Garland Wilson Title: Rockin' Chair [NYC 2-2-1932]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Bea Wain Title: If It's The Last Thing I Do [9-17-1937]

Artist: Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra Title: As You Like It [New Orleans 4-11-1927]

Artist: Harry James Title: Hodge Podge [3-18-1940]

Artist: Van Straten and His Music v Julie Dawn Title: The Lady's In Love With You [1939]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Norfolk Ferry [NY 11-6-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: I've Found A New Baby [New York City 10-30-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Clarinetitis [6-13-1928]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: This Love Of Mine [5-1955]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Chorus Title: I Think You're A Honey [8-17-1932]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Black And Tan Fantasy [9-5-1934]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams [2-23-1940]

Artist: Victor Arden-Phil Ohman v Frank Luther Title: Can This Be Love? [10-7-1930]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Don't Be Surprised [Chi 4-17-1939]

10 AM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: The Japanese Sandman [6-11-1936]

Artist: Vaughn Monroe v Vaughn Monroe Title: The Things We Did Last Summer [1946]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Coquette [1962]

Artist: Buddy Clark And Doris Day Title: Love Somebody [1947]

Artist: Count Basie Title: H And J [Chi 4-10-1941]

Artist: Dick McIntire v Dorothy Lamour Title: Moon Of Manakoora [V-Disc 218A6-1944]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Wild Mab Of The Fish Pond [9-17-1940]

Artist: Tiny Hill Title: I'll Keep On Loving You [11-21-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Mood Indigo [10-17-1930]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Polka Dots And Moonbeams [11-1947]

Artist: Charioteers Title: The General Jumped At Dawn [1944]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea [10-10-1949]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Livery Stable Blues [9-13-1938]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v Joe Thomas Title: I Used To Love You (But It's All Over Now) [NY 8-2-1939]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Slip Horn Jive [6-2-1939]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Merry-Go-Round [8-11-1936]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Babalu [1-21-1941]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Down South Camp Meeting [9-12-1934]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Charlie Shavers Title: At The Fat Man's [NY 9-20-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Sing, Sing, Sing [7-6-1937]

Artist: Harry James Title: You Made Me Love You [NYC 5-29-1941]

Artist: Joe Loss v Paula Green Title: Maybe [1940]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Just Kiddin' Around [10-30-1941]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Pussy Willow [Hwd 8-5-1946]c

11 AM

Artist: Count Basie Title: Honeysuckle Rose [1-21-1937]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You) [LA 3-29-1936]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Inspiration [1936-1937]

Artist: Les Brown v Miriam Shaw Title: Joltin' Joe DiMaggio [8-8-1941]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: Passionette [5-4-1936]

Artist: Ted Weems v Perry Como Title: Our Love Affair

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Grand Terrace Shuffle [7-12-1939]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: I'll Always Be In Love With You [1-17-1945]

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Mush Mouth [5-24-1932]

Artist: Al Jolson Title: Hello 'Tucky [11-19-1924]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: Shirley Steps Out [1947-1948]

Artist: Hildegarde Title: Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup [4-14-1941]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Troubled [11-20-1934]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Shake It And Break It [6-4-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms and Harry Babbitt Title: Two Sleepy People [10-11-1938]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: No Use Squawkin' [NY 1-22-1941]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Muchacho Azul (Blue Boy) [11-10-1947]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Black And Tan Fantasy [10-26-1927]

Artist: Les Brown and His Band of Renown v Henry 'Butch' S Title: Triskadekophobia [9-18-1946]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Harlem Speaks [Hwd 8-14-1941]c

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Little Rock Getaway [11-5-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: On The Alamo [NY 7-15 1941]

12 PM

Artist: Harry James Title: Barn 12 [5-4-1957]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: S'Wonderful [1-9-1945]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Larry Taylor Title: You And Who Else [5-8-1940]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Where Are You? [1958]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Impromptu [8-10-1939]

Artist: Woody Herman v Woody Herman and Chorus Title: Caldonia [2-6-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Clarinet A La King (Take 2 withdrawn after release) [8-20-1941]

Artist: Albert Ammons And Pete Johnson Title: Foot Pedal Boogie [6-17-1941]

Artist: Freddie Martin Title: Wabash Blues [1-7-1938]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Trio v Kay Penton Title: As Time Goes By [12-15-1947]

Artist: Will Bradley Title: As Long As I Live [10-16-1939]

Artist: Chuck Foster v Chuck Foster Title: It Might Have Been A Different Story [12-1947]

Artist: Buddy Morrow Title: Prelude To A Kiss

Artist: Mugsy Spanier Title: St. James Infirmary [6-1-1942]

Artist: Chick Webb Title: Midnight In A Madhouse [12-17-1937]

Artist: Doris Day Title: Hooray For Hollywood [1958]

Artist: Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra Title: Anything You Want (Forevermore) [6-21-1929]

Artist: Jack Marshard v Vaughn Monroe Title: My Love For You [5-23-1939]

Artist: Frankie Carle Title: Penguin At The Waldorf [3-1946]

Artist: Freddy Martin Title: Get Rhythm In Your Feet [5-2-1935]

Artist: Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers Title: Glow Worm [1947]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Doodle Oodle [10-4-1963]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Annie Laurie [11-5-1937]

Artist: Johnny Green v Fred Astaire Title: Isn't This A Lovely Day? [6-27-1935]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: St. Louis Blues March

01 PM

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Weary Traveller [3-1-1933]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Title: Time Was [5-19-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Sometimes I'm Happy [7-1-1935]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Down Under [LA 7-24-1942]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Krazy Kat [8-28-1927]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Christopher Columbus [1962]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Peckin' With The Penguins [2-16-1939]

Artist: Claude Thornhill v Dick Harding Title: I Found You In The Rain [10-6-1941]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Bugle Call Rag [8-26-1936]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: I'm A Fool For Loving You [4-9-1936]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Boswell Sisters Title: Everybody Loves My Baby [2-24-1932]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Blue And Broken Hearted

Artist: David Rose v Martha Raye Title: Melancholy Mood 5-27-1939]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Paswonky [6-8-1936]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Trust In Me [Chi 12-22-1936]

Artist: The Hi Lo's Title: Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

Artist: Fletcher Henderson v Dorothy Derrick Title: What Will I Tell My Heart [NY 3-2-1937]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Waiting At The End Of The Road [9-10-1929]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Cha Cha Cha #5 [1979]

Artist: Eddy Howard v Eddy Howard Title: Ragtime Cowboy Joe [NY 12-5-1945]c

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay [LA 12-1-1938]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Girdle Hurdle [4-2-1939]

Artist: Harry James Title: I Found A New Baby [NY 5-24-1939]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Lynne Richard Title: I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good [NY 9-1941]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: The Man I Love [1-23-1939]

02 PM

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Sugarfoot Stomp [1937-1938]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: When You And I Were Young, Maggie [NY 1-27-1939]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton And The M Title: On The Old Assembly Line [1-5-1942]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Julie Conway Title: The Fuddy Duddy Watchmaker [Hwd 7-31-1942]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Corinne Corinna [11-18-1931]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Carolina In The Morning [3-22-1949]

Artist: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Song Of India [12-1-1937]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Uknown Title: With All My Heart [NY 11-21-1935]

Artist: Count Basie Title: April In Paris [NYC 1-1956]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: I Would Do Anything For You [3-20-1943]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Ruby [1936-1937]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Little John Ordinary [1-23-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Shine [8-9-1945]

Artist: Dick Jurgens v Eddy Howard Title: My Last Good-Bye [5-18-1939]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Junction Blues [NY 6-10-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: The Lamplighter [10-16-1944]

Artist: Vaughn De Leath Title: Banana Oil [4-7-1925]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Rose Room [10-24-1941]

Artist: Andy Russell Title: Besame Mucho [1944]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Just A Simple Melody [12-6-1937]

Artist: Bing and Gary Crosby Title: A Simple Melody [6-23-1950]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Midnight Oil [3-30-1938]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Stack Of Barley [NY 3-10-1941]

03 PM

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Cool Days [12-13-1954]

Artist: Mildred Bailey And The Delta Rhythm Boys Title: All Too Soon [NY 6-13-1941]c

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Blue Lou [1-22-1937]

Artist: Billy Eckstine Title: Coquette [1953]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Woodsheddin' With Woody [LA 8-21-1941]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Jitterbug's Lullaby [5-19-2004]

Artist: Kay Kyser Title: Popocatepetl (Pa Po Ka Ta Pet Le) [NY 4-29-1941]

Artist: Spitfire Band Title: Song Of India

Artist: Anson Weeks Title: Medley: Night And Day/Sweet And Lovely [1931]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists Title: Goblin Market [9-10-2002]

Artist: Sam Koki And His Islanders v Frances Langford Title: Harbour Lights [1937]

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: Second Balcony Jump [3-19-1942]

Artist: Tex Beneke Title: Blues In The Night March [6-29-1949]

Artist: Lucky Millinder v Sally Nix Title: Let It Roll [4-11-1947]

Artist: King Oliver Title: Too Late [10-8-1929]

Artist: Al Cooper and His Savoy Sultans Title: Little Sally Water [10-16-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: Avalon [7-30-1937]

Artist: Benny Goodman Septet Title: Gone With What Draft [NY 2-24-1941]

Artist: Mills Brothers Title: The Love Bug Will Bite You [NY 4-5-1937]

Artist: Eddie Heywood Title: (Back Home Again In) Indiana [2-19-1944]

Artist: David Carroll Title: Jug Time [1953]

Artist: Frankie Laine Title: Monday Again [1948]

Artist: Bud Freeman Title: Copenhagen [NY 4-4-1940]

04 PM

Artist: Roger Wolfe Kahn Title: Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow [5-12-1927]

Artist: Perry Como w/Ted Weems and His Orchestra Title: Angeline

Artist: Bud Freeman Trio Title: You Took Advantage Of Me [1-17-1938]

Artist: Pied Pipers Title: When The Red Red Robbin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along [1948-1950]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton Title: Georgia Swing [6-11-1928]

Artist: Ethel Merman Title: Move It Over [7-1942]

Artist: Roy Eldridge Title: Fish Market [10-13-1944]

Artist: Ray Sinatra v Tony Martin Title: Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) [3-31-1940]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band Title: Riverboat Shuffle [NY 11-22-1939]c

Artist: Billy Kyle Swing Club Band Title: Girl Of My Dreams [NY 7-23-1937]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: Ferryboat Serenade [LA 7-15-1940]

Artist: Kid Ory's Dixieland Band Title: Mahogany Hall Stomp [June 1950]

Artist: Slim Gaillard And His Flat Foot Floogie Boys Title: Ra-Da-Da-Da [4-4-1942]

Artist: Jan Savitt v Bon Bon Title: Paper Picker [8-29-1939]

Artist: Guy Lombardo Title: Singin' in the Rain [V-Disc 352A2 1-1945]

Artist: Lucinda Ellert and Her Happy Feet Dance Orchestra Title: He's The Last Word

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy Title: Twinklin' [2-8-1938]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier's Dixielanders Title: Caution Blues (Blues In Thirds) [Chi 8-10-1950]

Artist: Six Jumping Jacks v Tom Stacks Title: Sittin' Around [3-9-1926]

Artist: Stan Kenton Title: Lamento Gitano [2-13-1942]

Artist: Dixie Rhythm Kings Title: The Chant [9-21-1929]

Artist: Mal Hallet v Teddy Grace Title: Turn off The Moon [5-10-1937]

Artist: Gus Arnheim Title: Goin' To Heaven On A Mule [LA 12-13-1933]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli Title: Swing ཟ [12-27-1937]

05 PM

Artist: Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Title: Love Walked In [1951]

Artist: Jack Payne Title: Dinner At Eight [6-12-1931]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers Title: By Heck [6-13-1933]

Artist: Ben Homer v Anita O'Day Title: Tennessee Waltz [10-26-1950]

Artist: Eddie Condon And His Band Title: Save Your Sorrow [NY 12-11-1943]

Artist: Will Bradley and Ray McKinley Orchestra Title: O Solo Mio #2 [3-15-1941]

Artist: Russ Morgan v Russ Morgan Title: I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams [7-7-1938]

Artist: John Scott Trotter Title: In Dutch With The Duchess [8-1960]

Artist: Slim And Slam Title: Ferdinand The Bull [5-13-1938]

Artist: Wingy Manone Title: About A Quarter To Nine [4-8-1935]

Artist: Al Bowlly Title: Every Day's A Holiday [12-3-1937]

Artist: Eddie Miller And His Big Band Title: You're A Builder-Upper [LA 1944]

Artist: Harlan Leonard And His Rockets v Myra Taylor Title: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire [NY 3-11-1940]c

Artist: Edgar Hayes Title: Manhattan Jam [3-9-1937]

Artist: Les Brown and The Duke Blue Devils Title: House Hop [11-24-1936]

Artist: Ink Spots Title: Don't Believe Everything You Dream [11-17-1943]

Artist: New Orleans Rhythm Kings Title: She's Cryin' For Me [3-26-1925]

Artist: Isham Jones Title: Never Again [1-17-1924]

Artist: Ted Weems Title: Highways Are Happy Ways [9-8-1927]

Artist: Abe Lyman v Irving Kahal And The Ambassadors Title: Love Song Of Renaldo [12-28-1939]

Artist: Engelbert Wrobel Title: Body And Soul [11-14-2000]

Artist: New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Sweetie Dear [9-15-1932]

Artist: Noble Sissle's Swingsters Title: When The Sun Sets Down South (Southern Sunset) [2-10-1938]

06 PM

Artist: Django Reinhardt Title: Divine Beguine [Brussels 5-8-1942]c

Artist: Bobby Hackett Title: Embraceable You [4-13-1939]

Artist: Perry Como and the Guys Title: Goodbye Sue [V Disc - 1943]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Hob Nail Boogie [7-31-1946]

Artist: Harry James Title: One O'Clock Jump [NY 1-5-1938]c

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: Pennsylvania Polka [4-23-1942]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Prelude In C Major [12-4-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: In The Mood [8-1-1939]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Back Beats [1-25-1935]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Judy Garland Title: Mine [LA 7-31-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Tuesday At Ten [6-11-1941]

Artist: Jabbo Smith v Jabbo Smith Title: How Can Cupid Be So Stupid [2-1-1938]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: The Mooche [10-1-1928]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Flight Of The Jitterbug [NY 12-23-1940]c

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Sympathy [4-3-1940]

Artist: Benny Carter v Elisabeth Welsh Title: That's How The First Song Was Born [Lon 10-13-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Dark Eyes [6-19-1940]

Artist: J. Neal Montgomery v Ted Gillum Title: Auburn Avenue Stomp [3-14-1929]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Washington Whirligig [NY 7-17-1942]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Cuddle Up, Huddle Up [1-21-1941]

Artist: Sy Oliver v Mills Brothers Title: You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You [10-13-1953]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Big John's Special [9-11-1934]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Wringin' And Twistin' [9-17-1927]

Artist: Buddy Johnson v Chester Boone Title: Toodle-Oodle-Oo [11-6-1941]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Twilight Time [1960]

07 PM

Artist: Count Basie Title: Red Bank Boogie [1-10-1944]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms Title: Indian Summer [12-12-1939]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Fingerbustin' [5-19-1941]

Artist: Jack Miller v Kate Smith Title: The Last Time I Saw Paris [10-16-1940]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Stella By Starlight [1936-1937]

Artist: Harry James Title: I Want A Little Girl [5-4-1957]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Henderson Stomp [11-13-1940]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Tony Pastor Title: Take Another Guess [10-30-1936]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Tea For Two [Hwd 4-17-1945]c

Artist: Ambrose Title: B'wanga [4-15-1935]

Artist: John Scott Trotter v The Lamplighters Title: You're The Top [8-1960]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: Christopher Columbus [3-7-1936]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billy Holiday Title: Pennies From Heaven [NY 11-19-1936]

Artist: Jack Teagarden Title: Chicks Is Wonderful [NY 1-31-1941]

Artist: Jan Savitt Title: Maid Of The Mist [NY 11-2-1939]c

Artist: Horace Heidt v The King Sisters Title: Oh Marie-Oh, Marie [6-30-1937]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Mary Ann McCal Title: Fools Fall In Love [NY 4-16-1940]

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: Jubilation Rag

Artist: Boots And His Buddies Title: San Anton's Tomales [San Antonio 2-27-1937]

Artist: Abe Lyman v Phil Neely Title: It Looks Like Love [5-5-1931]

Artist: Raymond Scott Title: In a Magic Garden [V-Disc 309B1]

Artist: Paul Whiteman Title: Black Bottom [2-14-1955]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: You're Driving Me Crazy [6-1939]

Artist: Lucky Millinder v Sister Rosetta Tharpe Title: Rock, Daniel [6-27-1941]

Artist: Barney Bigard Title: Tea For Two [1-22-1944]

08 PM

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Swing Out [4-8-1939]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Charlie Was A Sailor [NY 8-21-1940]c

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers Title: I'll Take Tallulah [2-19-1942]

Artist: Connie Haines Title: Broken Hearted [1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Boys Title: Blue [6-4-1928]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Hallelujah [8-19-1941]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' [Hwd 6-5-1941]c

Artist: Artie Shaw v Hot Lips Page Title: Take Your Shoes Off, Baby [10-30-1941]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: The Sidewalk Shufflers [1958]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Little Brown Jug [10-12-1939]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Calling Dr. Gillespie [12-29-1947]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Oh Lady Be Good [10-24-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Swingin' At The Daisy Chain [1-21-1937]

Artist: Jack Teagarden v Eddie Miller Title: Rockin' Chair [1-1931]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Lullaby In Rhythm [NY 4-8-1938]c

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Dipper Mouth Blues [4-20-1938]

Artist: Vic Damon Title: Here In My Heart [1952]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Dancing Dogs [12-5-1934]

Artist: Anson Weeks v Bill Morein Title: Love Me Tonight [6-1932]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Adios [Chi 6-25-1941]

Artist: Dinning Sisters Title: He Like, She Like It [1946]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Afternoon Of A Moax [NY 4-16-1940]

Artist: Harry James Title: Sugar Daddy [NY 7-13-1939]

09 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Is It Taboo (To Fall In Love With You] [9-3-1941]

Artist: Eddie Sauter v Mildred Bailey Title: It's A Woman's Prerogative [3-5-1946]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Little White Lies [7-23-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Dick Haymes Title: Idaho [6-17-1942]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Jay Gee [4-25-1946]

Artist: Lucky Millinder Title: Apollo Jump [9-5-1941]

Artist: Mills Brothers Title: You Didn't Want Me When You Had Me [1964]

Artist: Henry Busse Title: Sidewalks Of Cuba

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow Title: Sendin' The Vipers [5-7-1934]

Artist: Joe Venuti Title: Rose Room [9-20-1934]

Artist: Carroll Gibbons Savoy Orpheans v Leslie Douglas Title: I'll Get By [1944]

Artist: Eddie Condon Title: (You're Some) Pretty Doll [11-11-1940]

Artist: Red Norvo's Swing Octet Title: Blues In E Flat [1-25-1935]

Artist: Jaye P. Morgan Title: That's All I Want From You [1955]

Artist: Ben Bernie Title: Let Me Sing And I'm Happy [3-3-1930]

Artist: Charleston Chasers Title: Someday Sweetheart [1-4-1927]

Artist: Willie Lewis Title: Baby, Ain't You Satisfied? [6-19-1941]

Artist: Frankie Masters Title: Scatter-Brain [5-25-1939]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: Six Jerks In A Jeep [4-23-1942] (Rejected)

Artist: Alix Combelle And His Swing Band Title: Nerves And Fever [Paris 2-20-1940]c

Artist: Glen Gray Title: Narcissus [8-23-1934]

Artist: Carole Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans v Brian Lawran Title: From The Top Of Your Head [10-28-1935]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: Love In My Heart [2-28-1940]

10 PM

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, FR Title: Thou Swell

Artist: Tony Pastor v Johnny Morris Title: Hurry Back to Sorrento [NY 4-2-1941]c

Artist: Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra Title: Buffet Flat [8-9-1938]

Artist: Boswell Sisters Title: If I Had A Million Dollars [10-4-1934]

Artist: Red Norvo Title: Remember [Chicago 3-22-1937]

Artist: Al Cooper And His Savoy Sultans v Betty Roche Title: At's In There [NY 12-19-1941]

Artist: Raymond Scott And His New Orchestra Title: Four Beat Shuffle [6-17-1940]

Artist: Ben Pollack v Joe Harris Title: Sleepy Head [5-29-1934]

Artist: Charlie Spivak Title: To Your Hearts Content [NY 8-5-1941]

Artist: Sammy Kaye Title: Josephine [NY 8-25-1937]

Artist: Pied Pipers Title: Tabby The Cat [1945]

Artist: Illinois Jacquet Title: Big Foot [4-6-1949]

Artist: Spike Hughes Title: Fanfare [5-18-1933]c

Artist: Dick Todd v Dick Todd Title: It's A Hundred To One (I'm In Love) [8-17-1939]

Artist: Clarence Williams' Blue Five Title: Kansas City Man Blues [7-30-1923]

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio Title: After Hours [7-7-1947]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores Title: Limehouse Blues [3-23-1937]c

Artist: Horace Henderson Title: Turkey Special [8-13-1940]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Clyde Rogers Title: Til Reveille [4-24-1941]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De Fr Title: Charleston [Paris 4-21-1937]c

Artist: John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 1-19-1939]

Artist: Earl Hines v Madeline Greene Title: I Never Dreamt [Chi 10-28-1941]

Artist: Ralph Flanagan Title: Always [1946]

Artist: Louis Armstrong Title: Perdido Street Blues [5-27-1940]

11 PM

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Blue Boys Title: Blues [12-13-1935]

Artist: Erroll Garner Trio Title: Gliss In The Dark [NYC 12-18-1944]

Artist: Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five Title: What Is There To Say? [12-4-1935]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Peggy LaCentra Title: Love And Learn [11-30-1936]

Artist: Van Alexander Title: Alexander's Swinging (Theme) [11-3-1938]

Artist: Les Elgart Title: As Time Goes By [1964]

Artist: Jack Payne v Jack Payne Title: Lazy Day [6-12-1931]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: Don't Be That Way

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: (Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie [2-26-1935]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: The Earl [NY 11-17-1941]c

Artist: Billy Banks v Billy Banks Title: MinnieThe Moocher's Wedding Day [5-10-1932]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: Tonsillectomy [8-2-1945]

Artist: Anita O'Day With Little Band v Anita O'Day Title: Sometimes I'm Happy [1947]

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Zozoi [10-22-1934]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: Rachel's Dream [5-7-1945]

Artist: Ambassadors Title: Oh Peter (You're So Nice) [5-29-1924]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Satan Takes A Holiday [5-1937]

Artist: Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Come And Get It [9-28-1939]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Jumpin' For Joy [5-28-1939]

Artist: Isham Jones v Art Jarrett Title: You Don't Know What You're Doin' [3-31-31]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: You're Mine, You! [6-8-1939]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: At The Clambake Carnival [3-28-1938]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Ja Da [NY 3-26-1940]c




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