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Date Played: Monday, August 14, 2017

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Monday, August 14, 2017

12 AM

Artist: Leo Reisman Title: April In Paris [NY 4-21-1941]

Artist: Tony Bennett Title: Thou Swell [7-16-1973]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio v Trio Title: Are You Fer It [10-22-1941]

Artist: Zutty's Creole Band Title: Oh, Didn't He Ramble [1945]

Artist: Kid Ory and His Band Title: Bucket Got A Hole In It [10-21-1946]

Artist: Kay Kyser v HBabbitt, J.Conway, Trudy, M. Williams Title: Can't Get Out Of This Mood [7-28-1942]

Artist: Willie 'The Lion' Smith Title: Three Keyboards [NY 11-30-1938]

Artist: Bob Causer and His Cornellians v Dick Robertson Title: You'll Get By (With A Twinkle In Your Eye) [10-27-1937]

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra Title: Cotton Club Stomp [5-3-1929]

Artist: David Rose v Martha Raye Title: Melancholy Mood 5-27-1939]

Artist: The Missourians Title: Swingin' Dem Cats [NY 2-17-1930]c

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Chorus Title: I Think You're A Honey [8-17-1932]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v Pha Terr Title: In My Wildest Dreams [7-26-1937]

Artist: Norman Luboff Choir v Jo Stafford Title: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) [7-20-1952]

Artist: Nat Gonnella And His New Georgians v Nat Gonnela Title: I Understand

Artist: Martha Tilton Title: You Make Me Feel So Young [1946]

Artist: Louis Armstrong's Hot Five Title: Muggles [12-7-1928]

Artist: Danny Kaye Title: Mad Dogs And Englishmen [12-14-1947]

Artist: The Commander Title: Swanee River Boogie [1953]

Artist: Horace Heidt v The King Sisters Title: Little Heaven Of The Seven Seas [NY 7-29-1937]

Artist: Sidney Bechet's One Man Band Title: The Sheik Of Araby [4-18-1941]

Artist: Hotel Commodore Orchestra Title: Let's Call It A Day [4-11-1933]

Artist: Ted Weems v Mary Lee Title: There'll Be Some Changes Made [10-4-1939]

Artist: George Lee Title: Ruff Scufflin' [11-6-1929]

Artist: Henry Busse v Skip Morr Title: I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) [7-11-1938]

01 AM

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestra v Ella Fi Title: Betcha Nickel [NY 6-29-1939]c

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms and Harry Babbitt Title: Two Sleepy People [10-11-1938]

Artist: Count Basie And His All American Rhythm Title: Way Back Blues [LA 7-24-1942]

Artist: Oscar Rabin and His Band v Beryl Davis and Trio Title: Could Be [1939]

Artist: Al Dexter and His Troopers Title: Saturday Night Boogie [11-1947]

Artist: Horace Heidt v Ronnie Kemper And The Don Juans Title: Goodbye, Dear, I'll Be Back In A Year [NY 4-21-1941]

Artist: Mezzrow-Bechet Septet Title: House Party [8-30-1945]

Artist: Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers Title: Glow Worm [1947]

Artist: Lovie Austin's Serenaders Title: Frog Tongue Stomp [4-1926]

Artist: Chick Bullock's Levee Loungers Title: Here It Is Monday (And I've Still Got A Dollar) [11-12-1932]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day And Howard Dulaney Title: Green Eyes [NY 5-8-1941]c

Artist: Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men Title: Blue Horizon [12-20-1944]

Artist: Horace Henderson v Viola Jefferson Title: I Got Rhythm [Chi 2-27-1940]

Artist: Greta Keller Title: Goodbye To Summer [Paris 9-27-1938]

Artist: Bill Lawrence Title: Jealous Heart [1948]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Quartet Title: Annie Laurie [NY 2-3-1938]

Artist: Ted Weems v Parker Gibbs Title: Piccolo Pete [Camden NJ 6-28-1929]

Artist: Joe Venuti's Blue Four Title: Little Buttercup [6-10-1931]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Louise Tobi Title: Love Never Went To College [NY 9-13-1939]c

Artist: Jack Purvis Title: Down Georgia Way [4-4-1930]

Artist: Evelyn Knight And The Stardusters Title: Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes [1949]

Artist: Johnny Hodges v Buddy Clark Title: A Sailboat In The Moonlight [5-20-1937]

Artist: Jess Stacy And His Trio Title: Lullaby Of The Leaves [Los Angeles 7-5-1950]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Mary Ann McCall Title: Between 18th And 19th on Chestnut Street [NY 12-11-1939]

Artist: Dinah Shore and Her Happy Valley Boys Title: Buttons And Bows [11-1947]

02 AM

Artist: Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians Title: The West, A Nest And You [10-16-1923]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing v Charle Title: Lazy Gal Blues [NY 9-10-1941]

Artist: Don Redman v Quentin Jackson and Chorus Title: Margie [12-6-1938]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: And The Angels Sing [4-24-1939]

Artist: Earl Jackson's Musical Champions Title: Red Devil 5-1931]

Artist: Tony Pastor v Johnny Morris Title: Hurry Back to Sorrento [NY 4-2-1941]c

Artist: Erskine Hawkins And His Bama State Collegians v Ji Title: Red Cap [8-12-1937]

Artist: Count Basie v Tony Bennet Title: Chicago [NY 1-3-1959]

Artist: Stuff Smith And His Onxy Club Boys Title: Upstairs [NY 5-4-1937]c

Artist: Julia Lee And Her Boy Friends v Julia Lee Title: My Sin [LA 6-14-1947]

Artist: Sidney Bechet Trio Title: Blues In Thirds (Caution Blues) [Chi 9-6-1940]

Artist: Henny Hendrickson's Louisville Serenaders Title: Without A Gal [Cam 6-10-1931]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Bob Haymes and The Martin Men Title: From Twilight Till Dawn [6-5-1942]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: My Reverie [9-27-1938]

Artist: Stuff Smith Title: My Thoughts [NYH 9-14-1938]c

Artist: Eddie Miller Title: (Love's got me in a) Lazy Mood [LA 1944]

Artist: Mildred Bailey Title: Blue Rain [11-3-1939]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Quintet Title: I Surrender Dear [1-15-1945]

Artist: Ambrose v Sam Browne Title: Oceans Of Time [2-2-1934]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton's Seven Title: Panama [NY 1-4-1940]c

Artist: David Rose v Judy Garland and Gene Kelly Title: For Me And My Gal [7-26-1942]

Artist: Bunny Berigan And His Boys Title: Dixieland Shuffle NY 2-17-1937]c

Artist: Herbie Fields v Helen Humes Title: Suspicious Blues [NY 11-20-1944]c

03 AM

Artist: Hampton's Rhythm Boys Title: Blue Because Of You [Hwd 7-17-1940]

Artist: Carroll Gibbons And The Savoy Orpheans v Anne Lenn Title: Roses In December [1937]

Artist: Duke Ellington's Washatonians Title: East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Second Version) [12-19-1927]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: Imagination [2-19-1940]

Artist: James P. Johnso Title: Old Fashioned Love [8-15-1944]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Merv Griffin And The Martin Men Title: Once in Love with Amy [1948]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Merwyn Bogue, Sully Mason and Harry Ba Title: The Bad Humor Man (Ting-A-Ling) [9-29-1940]

Artist: Red Norvo's All-Star Sextet Title: Subtle Sextology [7-27-1944]

Artist: Don Byas Title: Savoy Jam Party Part 1 [NY 8-17-1944]c

Artist: Dick Haymes And The Song Spinners Title: For The First Time (I've Fallen In Love) [9-7-1943]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mae Questal Title: The Broken Record [New York 1-8-1936]

Artist: Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers Title: Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp [Chi 10-8-1927]

Artist: Benny Morton v Henry 'Red' Allen Title: The Gold Diggers Song [2-23-1934]

Artist: Harry Roy And His Mayfair Orchestra v Marjorie Kin Title: Green Eyes [1942]

Artist: All Star Collegians Title: All American Girl [1932]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: The Calloway Boogie [12-11-1947]

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra v Ivie And Title: Scronch [2-24-1938]

Artist: Orrin Tucker v 'Wee' Bonnie Baker with Chorus Title: You've Got What It Takes [9-16-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v Lionel Hampton And Rick Brow Title: Beulah's Sister's Boogie [1-28-1948]

Artist: The Washingtonian Title: Saratoga Swing [NY 3-15-1929]c

Artist: Raymond Scott's Quintet Title: Manhattan Minuet [1939]

Artist: Bon Bon And His Buddiies v Bob Bo Title: Blow, Gabriel, Blow [NY 7-23-1941]c

Artist: Emil Coleman v Unknown Title: Where Have You Been? [12-8-1931]

04 AM

Artist: Billy Cotton and His London Savannah Band Title: Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider [12-1928]

Artist: Jack Marshard v Gil Phelan Title: My Last Goodbye [4-27-1939]

Artist: Nat Shilkret Title: When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By [6-19-1928]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, Al R Title: My Angel [4-21-1928]

Artist: Glenn Mille Title: Little Brown Jug

Artist: Teddy Wilson Trio v Kay Penton Title: As Time Goes By [12-15-1947]

Artist: Jungle Town Stompers Title: Slow As Molasses [New York 4-15-1929]

Artist: Tempo King And His Kings Of Tempo v Tempo King Title: I'll Sing You A Thousand Love Songs [NY 8-21-1936]

Artist: Harry James' Boogie Woogie Trio Title: Boo Woo [5-1-1939]

Artist: Woody Herman v Mary Ann McCall Title: Can This Be Love [NY 7-11-1939]

Artist: Six Jumping Jacks Title: Charleston Ball [1-27-1926]

Artist: Port Arthur Jubileers Title: Jones Stomp [4-3-1940]

Artist: Leroy Anderson Title: The Typewriter [1950]

Artist: Knickerbockers (Selvin) v Smith Ballew Title: Why Do You Suppose? [12-11-1929]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert Title: Fill-Up [1-29-1942]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Kathleen Lane And Kurt Bloom Title: He Walked Right In [5-7-1937]

Artist: Quintet Hot Club Of France Title: I Saw Stars [2-1949]

Artist: Carroll Gibbons v Hildegarde Title: The Touch Of Your Lips

Artist: Russ Morgan v Al Jennings Title: Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking) [8-22-1944]

Artist: Richard Himber Title: It's Psychological [3-19-1934]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v The Dandridge Sisters Title: You Ain't Nowhere [7-9-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: How Could You [NY 1-19-1937]c

Artist: Fabian Andre Title: Dance Of An Ear Of Corn [2-28-1940]

Artist: Dick Robertson v Dick Roberston Title: Tutti Frutti [9-14-1938]

05 AM

Artist: Bunny Berigan Metronome All Stars Title: The Blues [1-11-1939]

Artist: Doris Day Title: Hooray For Hollywood [1958]

Artist: Les Brown Band Title: What Is This Thing Called Love? (12-8-1986)

Artist: Spike Jones and His City Slickers Title: Mama's Makin' Bombers

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Dee Parker Title: Doin' What Comes Natur'lly [NY 4-15-1946]

Artist: Freddy Taylor and His Swing Men from Harlem v Fred Title: Blue Drag [3-1935]

Artist: Art Lund Title: You Call Everybody Darlin' [1948]

Artist: Ted Heath Title: Anything Goes [11-1959]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v The King's Jesters Title: Bass Drum Dan [8-17-1932]

Artist: The Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra Title: The Darktown Strutters Ball [1941]c

Artist: Mitchell Ayers and His Fashions in Music v Buddy C Title: How Are Things In Glocca Mora? [10-14-1946]

Artist: Jay McShann and His Sextet Title: Bucktown Boogie [9-3-1946]

Artist: Connie Boswell Title: The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [4-27-1934]

Artist: Sam Price And His Texas Bluscians Title: How 'Bout That Mess [NY 9-26-1940]c

Artist: Larry Clinton v Ford Leary Title: Comes Love [6-7-1939]

Artist: Louis Armstrong And Bing Crosby Title: Gone Fishin' [4-27-1951]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v Pha Terre Title: I'll Never Fail You [3-23-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Bea Wain Title: If It's The Last Thing I Do [9-17-1937]

Artist: Ted Lewis Title: The Memphis Blues [Chi 4-12-1927]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Uknown Title: Crying For The Carolines [12-4-1929]

Artist: Will Bradley And Johnny Guarnieri Band Title: Honky Tonk Train

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Ella Fitzgerald A Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside [4-28-1949]

Artist: Bobby Sherwood Title: Walkin' And Talkin' [10-30-1945]

06 AM

Artist: Johnny Messner (Theme) Title: Can't We Be Friends? [1939]

Artist: Henry King v Joe Sudy Title: I've Got A Heavy Date [NY 3-27-1936]

Artist: Billy Kyle Swing Club Band v Palmer Brothers Title: Sundays Are Reserved [NY 3-18-1937]c

Artist: Philippe Brun And His Swing Band With Django Reinh Title: Gotta Date In Louisiana [3-8-1938]

Artist: Sir Walter Thomas And His Band Title: Back Talk [6-27-1945]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Connee Boswell Title: Basin Street Blues [LA 9-25-1937]

Artist: Charlie Barnet and The Three Sons Title: Blue Skies [1943]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing v Jean E Title: What's The Matter Now [NY 9-10-1941]

Artist: Erroll Garner Title: Erroll's Bounce [4-22-1947]

Artist: Connee Boswel Title: Moonlight Mood [7-29-1942]

Artist: Stuff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys v Stuff Smith Title: It Ain't Right [7-1-1936]

Artist: Paul Pendarvis v Patricia Norman and Jimmie Stewar Title: I Never Saw A Better Night [2-21-1935]

Artist: Jimmy Blythe's Raggamuffins Title: Adam's Apple [7-1926]

Artist: Danny Polo and His Swing Stars Title: Don't Try Your Jive On Me [1-11-1938]

Artist: Benny Carter v Roy Felton Title: The Very Thought Of You [NY 11-19-1940]

Artist: Jessie Matthews Title: Looking Around Corners For You [1937]

Artist: Earl Hines And His Orchestra Title: Topsy - Turvy

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Fiddle Diddle [NY 1-18-1938]

Artist: Count Basie Octet Title: Sweets [2-6-1950]

Artist: Tony Pastor and The Clooney Sisters Title: San [3-3-1949]

Artist: Quincy Jones Title: Choo Choo Ch' Boogie [1956]

Artist: University Six Title: I Ain't Got Nobody [NY 8-2-1926]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy v June Richa Title: Then I'll Be Happy [3-23-1939]

Artist: Buster Bailey And His Sexte Title: Pinetop's Boogie Woogie [6-1940]c

Artist: Leo Reisman v Bing Crosby Title: What Do I Care. It's Home. [2-9-1933]

07 AM

Artist: Al Donahue v Paula Kelly Title: Moon Love [5-26-1939]

Artist: Teddy Hill v Bill Dillard and Chorus Title: The Love Bug'll Bite You [3-26-1937]

Artist: King Carter Title: Low Down On The Bayou [6-25-1931]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jo Stafford Title: Manhattan Serenade [7-2-1942]

Artist: Paul Whiteman's Bouncing Brass Title: Rose Room [4-6-1939]

Artist: Bunny Berigan's and His Boys v Art Gentry Title: The Gonna Goo [1-22-1937]

Artist: Philippe Brun Title: Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me [12-27-1937]

Artist: Billy Cotton and His Band v Duo Title: Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore [8-14-1934]

Artist: Johnny Messner Title: What's New? [1939]

Artist: Willie Smith Title: Rose Rhumba [1939]

Artist: Dick Haymes And The Songspinner Title: I Heard You Cried Last Night [NY 6-22-1943]

Artist: Art Kassel Title: Sobbin' Blues [5-24-1938]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holliday Title: Miss Brown To You [6-2-1935]

Artist: Jack Hylton v Peggy Del Title: Jeepers Creepers [8-3-1939]

Artist: Edmond Hall Quartet Title: Caravan [6-11-1944]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Kay Kyser, Harry Babbitt, Little Audre Title: The Little Red Fox [LA 10-26-1939]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Stuart Wade Title: To Each His Own [1946]

Artist: Ozzie Nelson Title: And Then Some [6-13-1935]

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: A Boy In Khaki A Girl In Lace [7-30-1942]

Artist: Harry Richman Title: On The Sunny Side Of The Street [4-30-1930]

Artist: Johnny Long Band v The Band Title: In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town [2-4-1946]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberle Title: So Many Times [8-14-1939]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton and His New Orleans Jazzmen Title: High Society [9-1924]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Frances Wayne Title: That Old Black Magic [NY 7-17-1942]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Mills Brothers Title: Diga Diga Doo [12-22-1932]

08 AM

Artist: Lionel Hampton And His Quarte Title: Ridin' On The L & N [1-30-1946]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm v Fats Waller Title: The Panic Is On [NYC 2-1-1936]

Artist: Abe Lyman And His Californians v The Revere Sister Title: When You Were The Girl On The Scooter [10-12-1933]

Artist: John Scott Trotter v Bing Crosby and Connie Boswel Title: An Apple For The Teacher [6-22-1939]

Artist: Edmond Hall All Star Quintet Title: Rompin' In ཨ [1-25-1944]

Artist: Mjr. Glenn Miller and The AEF Band v Ray McKinley Title: Cow Cow Boogie [11-24-1944]

Artist: Red Norvo and His Swing Octet Title: With All My Heart And Soul [1-25-1935]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Clyde Rogers Title: Til Reveille [4-24-1941]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band Title: Relaxin' At The Touro [11-22-1939]

Artist: Gray Gordon And His Tic Toc Rhythm v Rita Ray Title: I Love Me [NY 1-9-1940]

Artist: Herb Gordon Ten Eyck Hotel Orchestra Title: Things We Want The Most Are Hard To Get [10-10-1929]

Artist: Victor Young v Gracie Fields Title: The Biggest Aspidastra In The World [6-24-1941]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Dorothy Clare and Tex Beneke Title: The Air Minded Executive

Artist: Harry James v Buddy Di Vito Title: I Guess I Expected Too Much [5-27-1946]

Artist: Ray Starita Title: Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma [1929]

Artist: Billy May Title: Lean Baby [1951]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Janet Blair Title: So You're The One [10-30-1940]

Artist: Les Paul Title: Whispering

Artist: Victor Young v Frank Luther Title: It Never Dawned On Me [10-3-1935]

Artist: Michel Warlop Et Son Orchestre Title: Blue Interlude [1934]

Artist: Teddy Powell v Ens Title: Serenade To A Maid [11-4-1941]

Artist: Sidney Kite And His Piccadilly Hotel Band Title: With Out A Word Of Warning [11-28-1931]

Artist: Frankie Masters v Marion Francis And The Masters V Title: Ferryboat Serenade [7-26-1940]

09 AM

Artist: Pierre Allier Et Son Orchestre (With Django Reinha Title: Petite Lili [12-19-1940]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: Weekend Of A Private Secretary [2-10-1938]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey And His Dorseyland Band Title: Chimes Blues [NY 11-2-1949]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy v Henry Wells Title: No Answer [NY 7-17-1941]

Artist: Jimmy Joy's St. Anthony's Hotel Title: Milenberg Joys [Dallas 10-19-1924]

Artist: Ray Starita and His Ambassador's Band v Eddie Coll Title: Blue River [4-5-1927]

Artist: Henry Hall v Bud Flanagan and Les Allen Title: Roaming [11-13-1933]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Baubles, Bangles And Beads [1979]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Skinner's Sock [8-13-1928]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Bing Crosby, Al Rinker and Harry B Title: Happy Feet [2-10-1930]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Helen Forrest Title: I Poured My Heart Into A Song [6-5-1939]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Dawn [6-21-1941]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm Title: The Moon Is Low [Chi 1-12-1940]c

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: These 'N That 'n Those [12-3-1935]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Song Of The Wanderer

Artist: Joe Haymes v Cliff Weston Title: The Lady In Red [4-10-1935]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Pussy Willow [Hwd 8-5-1946]c

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestra v Ella Fi Title: When My Sugar Walks Down The Street [NY 3-31-1941]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Harry Babbitt and Chorus Title: Ferry Boat Serenade [7-23-1940]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Don't Be Surprised [Chi 4-17-1939]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Belle Of The Ball [1936-1937]

Artist: Jack Teagarden v Eddie Miller Title: Rockin' Chair [1-1931]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Jumpin Jehosaphat [Hwd 6-12-1942]

10 AM

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Afternoon Of A Moax [NY 4-16-1940]

Artist: Ben Pollack v Ben Pollack Title: Thru' The Courtesy Of Love [9-15-1936]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Wild Man Blues [6-4-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser vHarry Babbitt, Jack Martin, Trudy Erwin Title: Let's Get Lost [7-28-1943]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Good-Bye [9-27-1935]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Lynne Richard Title: I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good [NY 9-1941]c

Artist: Anson Weeks Title: Dardanella [1932]

Artist: Russ Morgan v George Henry Title: All Those Wonderful Years [NY 3-30-1942]

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: Piano Man [7-12-1939]

Artist: Betty Hutton Title: It Had To Be You [1944]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro v Andrews Sisters Title: On The Avenue [6-29-1947]

Artist: Harlan Leonard and His Rockets Title: 400 Swing [7-15-1940]

Artist: Eddie Condon Title: You Can't Cheat A Cheater [12-11-1943]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle And The Modernaires Title: You Stepped Out Of A Dream [NY 1-17-1941]c

Artist: Artie Shaw and His New Music Title: Because I Love You [5-13-1937]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v The Hampton Rhythm Boys Title: Jivin' With Jarvis [7-17-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Hawaiian War Chant [11-29-1938]

Artist: Earl Hines v Madeline Greene And The Three Varitie Title: The Boy With The Wistful Eyes 11-17-[1941]

Artist: Jack Marshard v Gil Phelan Title: I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak [3-22-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Birmingham Breakdown (Second Version) [2-28-1927]

Artist: Frank Sinatra with The Pied Pipers Title: It Started All Over Again [7-1-1942]

Artist: Percival Mackey v Queenie Leonard Title: Time On My Hands [1931]

Artist: Harry James Title: Indiana [4-6-1939]

Artist: Frank Sinatra Title: s'Posin' [10-24-1947]

11 AM

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Rockin' In Rhythm [NY 6-19-1940]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Orchestra v Ella Fitzgeral Title: Baby, Won't You Please Come Home [Chi 10-12-1940]c

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Kokey Joe [10-5-1933]

Artist: Judy Garland And Merry Macs Title: On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe [LA 9-7-1945]

Artist: Louis Prima And His New Orleans Gang v Louis Prima Title: Let's Get Together And Swing [5-17-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Wringin' And Twistin' [9-17-1927]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: Devil May Care [NY 4-30-1940]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: No Use Squawkin' [NY 1-22-1941]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Johnny Mercer Title: Small Fry [LA 7-1-1938]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: The Lamplighter [10-16-1944]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm v Fats Waller Title: Twenty Four Robbers [NY 5-14-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Down South Camp Meeting [Hwd 8-13-1936]

Artist: Bea Wain Title: Blow Gabriel Blow V-Disc 310B2 [8-14-1944]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Blue Fantasy [5-19-2004]

Artist: John Firman v Maurice Elwin Title: That's My Desire [1931]

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians v Don Rodney Title: Love on a Greyhound Bus [3-15-1946]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town [12-3-1936]

Artist: Roy Fox and His Band v Peggy Dell Title: I Cover The Watefront [1933]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Stampede In G Minor [12-14-1940]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Clyde Burke Title: In Our Little Part Of Town [NY 12-5-1939]

Artist: Buddy Morrow Title: Time After Time

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: Ev'rything I Love [11-27-1941]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Skyliner [1958]

12 PM

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Bo Jangles Of Harlem

Artist: Jack Hylton v Primrose Orrock Title: Jeepers Creepers [3-8-1939]

Artist: Mills Brothers And Louis Armstrong Title: Flat Foot Floogee [6-10-1938]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Tell Me [1-27-1930]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Rosetta [1979]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly and Kitty Kallen Title: Besame Mucho [10-7-1943]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Bedford Drive [1-9-1945]

Artist: Lou Forbes v Dick Powell Title: I Know Now [5-1-1937]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Paswonky [6-8-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Freda Gibson Title: The Laziest Gal In Town [NY 2-22-1940]

Artist: Joe Marsala And His Chosen 7 Title: Chimes Blues [NY 7-6-1942]

Artist: King Sisters Title: It's Easy To Remember [1951]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Get Happy [3-20-1936]

Artist: Wally Rose Title: Easy Winners [LA 6-12-1950]

Artist: Roy Fox And His Band v Al Bowlly Title: The Old Man Of The Mountain [Lon 9-23-1932]

Artist: Eddie Sauter v Mildred Bailey Title: It's A Woman's Prerogative [3-5-1946]

Artist: Meade Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson Title: Boogie Woogie Prayer Part I [12-30-1938]

Artist: Dick McDonough v Chick Bullock Title: I'm One Step Ahead Of My Shadow [9-17-1936]

Artist: Jess Stacy and His Stars Title: Noni [9-29-1939]

Artist: Ina Ray Hutton and Melodears Title: How About Tomorrow Night? [7-19-1934]

Artist: Django Reinhardt And The Quintette Of The Hot Club Title: Smoke Rings [Paris 6-1935]c

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen Title: Sugar [1944]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Opus Number One [8-21-1945]

Artist: Vince Giordano Title: Indiana

Artist: Earl Hines v Walter Fuller Title: Topsy Turvy [NY 6-19-1940]c

01 PM

Artist: Johnny Hodges Title: Good Queen Bess [11-2-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle, Tex Bebeke And The Mode Title: Dear Arabella [NY 9-3-1941]c

Artist: Will Glah Title: Woodpecker [1940]c

Artist: Benny Goodman v Dottie Reid Title: I'm Gonna Love That Guy [V Disc 535 - 1945]

Artist: Raymond Scott Quintet Title: The Quintette Plays Carmen [7-21-1939]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Charles Gaylord Title: High Upon A Hilltop [10-5-1928]

Artist: Charlie Barnet And His Glen Island Casino Orchestr Title: When I'm With You [6-1-1936]

Artist: Art Kassel v Art Kassel and Trio Title: The Guy Needs A Gal [2-13-1940]

Artist: Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman Title: All Star Strut

Artist: Joe Sullivan Title: Little Rock Getaway [8-8-1935]

Artist: Bing Crosby With The Ken Darby Singers Title: Song Of Freedom [5-29-1942]

Artist: Les Brown Title: Leap Frog (Theme) [5-10-1945]

Artist: Freddy Slack v Ella Mae Morse Title: Cow Cow Boogie [5-21-1942] (1st Capitol Label Gold Record)

Artist: Harry Sosnik v Judy Garland Title: You Made Me Love You [9-24-1937]

Artist: Horace Heidt and His Brigadiers Title: Hot Lips [6-13-1937]

Artist: Adrian Rollini Quartet v The Tune Twisters Title: Small Fry [6-23-1938]

Artist: Fred Astaire with Max Goldberg (tr); Ted Heath (tb Title: Puttin' On the Ritz (1930) [Irving Berlin]

Artist: Chuck Foster Title: Among My Souvenirs [12-1947]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: I Go For That [12-8-1938]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio Title: You Are My Life [5-1939]

Artist: High Hatters v The Chorus Title: Don't Hold Everything [11-20-1928]

Artist: Fred Astaire With Benny Goodman Title: Who Cares [5-9-1940]

Artist: Pee Wee Hunt Title: 12th Street Rag [4-28-1948]

Artist: Woody Herman v Muriel Lane Title: Bounce Me Brother, With A Solid Four [1-22-1941]

Artist: Charlie Spivak v Tommy Mercer and Irene Day Title: Springtime In Charleston [12-9-1947]

02 PM

Artist: Sam Price's Texas Blusicians Title: Boogie Woogie Moan [NY 6-13-1941]

Artist: Fred Astaire With Johnny Green Orchestra Title: Pick Yourself Up [7-26-1936]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Julie Conway, Harry Babbitt and Group Title: Jingle, Jangle, Jingle [5-21-1942]

Artist: Del Courtney v Dottie Dotson Title: Whadda Ya Gonna Do? [1949]

Artist: Eddie Condon Title: All The Wrongs You've Done To Me [NY 12-11-1943]

Artist: Jacques HÉlian Et Son Orchestre v Georges Ulmer Title: Marie (Petit Béguin Du Mois De Mai) [1945]

Artist: Manny Green Title: Daydreams Come True At Night

Artist: Ragtime Bob Roberts Title: I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't No Fool [10-13-1904]

Artist: Sam Donahue Title: Six Mile Stretch [5-20-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: My Old Flame [10-2-1941]

Artist: Benny Carter And The Ramblers Title: Rambler's Rhythm [Laren, The Netherlands, 3-24-1937]

Artist: Coleman Hawkins Title: Passin' It Around [NY 8-9-1940]c

Artist: Louis Armstrong And The V-Disc Allstars Title: I'm Confessin' That I Love You [V-Disc 491]

Artist: Leo Reisman v Ran Weeks Title: With A Song In My Heart [3-18-1929]

Artist: Basie's Bad Boys Title: Love Me Or Leave Me [Chi 2-13-1939]

Artist: Arnett Cobb Title: Dutch Kitchen Bounce [8-1947]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Peg LaCentra Title: It Ain't Right [8-6-1936]

Artist: Errol Garner Title: Moonglow [6-20-1949]

Artist: Willie ''The Lion'' Smith v O'Neil Spencer Title: Get Acquainted With Yourself [New York 7-14-1937]

Artist: Clyde McCoy Title: Sugar Blues [1-22-1931]

Artist: Tony Martin and Dinah Shore Title: A Penny A Kiss-A Penny A Hug [1951]

Artist: Clyde McCoy And His Hotel Drake Orchestra Title: Tear It Down [8-23-1933]

Artist: Teddy Grace Title: Rock It For Me [NY 8-3-1937]

03 PM

Artist: Georgie Auld Title: This Is Romance [1-1940]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Peggy La Centra Title: Am I In Love [NY 8-4-1937]

Artist: Meade Lux Lewis Title: Albert's Blues [Chi 12-4-1951]

Artist: Cliff Edwards Title: When You Wish Upon A Star

Artist: Kurt Edelhagen Title: Harlem [1965]

Artist: Gus Arnheim v Bing Crosby Title: One More Time [3-2-1931]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Sully Mason, 'Trudy', Max Williams and Title: A Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Gal) [1-16-1942]

Artist: Jean Goldkette Title: Just A Bird's-Eye-View Of My Old Kentucky Home [9-28-1926]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music Title: All Alone (By The Telephone) [NY 5-13-1937]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Frank Sinatra Title: Well Did Ya Evah [1956]c

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Kay Starr Title: You Always Hurt The One You Love [10-1944]

Artist: Louis Jordan and His Tympany 5 Title: Waitin' For The Robert E Lee [4-29-1940]

Artist: Harry Roy And His Mayfair Orchestra Title: Humpty Dumpty Heart [1942]

Artist: Lil Armstrong Title: Oriental Swing [NY 2-2-1938]c

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm [7-26-1937]

Artist: Jack Hylton Band v Albert Haim Title: Dinah

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: Sweet Little You

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms Title: Blue Love Bird [1940]

Artist: Johnny Long v Patti Dugan Title: No Love No Nothin' [11-4-1943]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Junction Blues [NY 6-10-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Flying Home [2-26-1940]

Artist: Del Courtney v Joe Martin Title: Now I Lay Me Down To Dream [NY 6-28-1940]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Sassy [10-4-1963]

04 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Diga, Diga Doo [New York City 11-11- 1939]

Artist: Ozzie Nelson v Harriet Hilliard Title: So Says My Heart [Hwd 4-6-1938]

Artist: Harry James Title: Carnival Of Venice [V Disc 138B2 5-1941]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v Dandridge Sisters And Joe Thoma Title: Red Wagon [NY 7-9-1940]c

Artist: John Kirby Title: The Turf [1-9-1939]

Artist: Earl Hines v Ida James Title: Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Goodnight [NY 3-7-1938]c

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: The Dickey-Bird Song [1958]

Artist: Sgt. Ace Goodrich Title: Hup! Tup! Thrup! Four! (Jack The Sleepy Jeep) [V-Disc 22A]c

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Save It Pretty Mama [9-6-1940]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores v Benny Payne Title: My Secret Love Affair [NY 9-10-1937]

Artist: Don Redman v Laurel Watson and The Three Little Ma Title: Three Little Maids [3-23-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Clarinade [3-17-1945]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Swanee River (Old Folks At Home) [10-16-1940]

Artist: Jack Owens Title: How Soon (Will I Be Seeing You) [1944]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Manhattan Transfer [2-19-1940]

Artist: Horace Heidt v Donna Wood And Her Don Juans (Georg Title: Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Jeep [3-30-1942]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: American Patrol [4-2-1942]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Gail Reese Title: Ebb Tide [9-3-1937]

Artist: Carroll Gibbons And His Orchestra v Turner Layton Title: These Foolish Things [NY 5-26-1936]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Blue Mood [12-20-1935]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins v Dolores Brown, Ida James and Cho Title: I Love You Truly [5-15-1941]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Mary Ann McCall Title: When The Spirit Moves Me [5-8-1940]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: C Jam Blues [Chi 1-21-1942]

Artist: Hotel Bossert v Elmer Feldkamp Title: In The Park In Paree [4-11-1933]

05 PM

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Flight Of The Jitterbug [NY 12-23-1940]c

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: Ooh! What You Said [12-6-1939]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Diga, Diga Doo [6-15-1936]

Artist: Jack Jackson v Chorus Title: I'd Like To Go Back

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: Murder, He Says [1943]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: The Lone Arranger [5-15-1940]

Artist: Debroy Somers Band v Dan Donovan Title: You're An Old Smoothie [1933]

Artist: Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Come And Get It [9-28-1939]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: Afraid Of Love [NY 2-20-1939]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: How High The Moon [11-1944]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Art Robey Title: Andy's Boogie [3-8-1946]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: My Reverie [12-18-1947]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Orchestra v Ella Fitzgeral Title: Taking A Chance On Love [NY 11-8-1940]c

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Deep Purple [12-23-1938]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins And His 'Bama State Collegians v B Title: I Can't Escape From You [NY 7-20-1936]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Frank Fleming, Sully Mason, Benny Cash Title: Just A Haven [11-26-1929]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Southern Fried [NY 9-17-1940]c

Artist: Vera Lynn Title: Again [1949]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Good-Bye [9-27-1935]

Artist: Cpl 'Ziggy' Lane Title: Jumpin' At The Jukebox [V-Disc 23A 8-1943]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: How Deep Is The Ocean? (How High Is The Sky?) [12-1945]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm Title: It's The Tune That Counts [8-10-1939]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Tippin' At The Terrace [NY 3-7-1938]

06 PM

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Ford Leary Title: Scrub Me, Mama, With A Boogie Beat [NY 12-3-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Tex Beneke And Glenn Miller Title: The Lady's In Love with You [4-4-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [3-10-1942]

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Shake Your Ashes [NY 3-9-1933]c

Artist: Art Kassel v Marion Holmes and Art Kassel Trio Title: Piggy Wiggy Woo [10-24-1939]

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: Blue Rhythm Fantasy (Theme) [5-4-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Dick Robertson Title: Blue Moon [11-20-1934]

Artist: Count Basie Title: It's Sand, Man [LA 7-27-1942]c

Artist: Red Norve v Mildred Bailey Title: I Haven't Changed A Thing [NY 7-28-1938]c

Artist: Spike Hughes Title: Donegal Cradle Song [5-19-1933]c

Artist: Horace Heidt v Ronnie Kemper and Donna Wood Title: Goodbye Dear, I'll Be Back In A Year [4-21-1941]

Artist: Louis Armstrong Title: Wolverine Blues [NY 3-14-1940]

Artist: Ben Bernie Title: Looking At You Across The Breakfast Table [3-3-1930]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Teddy Walters Title: More And More [11-21-1944]

Artist: Eddy Duchin v Mary Martin Title: My Heart Belongs To Daddy [NY 11-30-1938]

Artist: Alix Combelle And His Swing Band Title: Fast, Slow, Medium Tempo [Paris 10-23-1940]

Artist: Ben Selvin v Ed Lloyd Title: The Free And Easy [3-13-1930]

Artist: John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys Title: Double Talk [NY 1-15-1941]c

Artist: Alix Combelle's Hot Four Title: If I Had You [Paris 1-24-1937]c

Artist: Lucky Millinder Title: Shipyard Social Function [NY 10-19-1938]c

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, FR Title: Thou Swell

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: It All Depends On You [1949]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores Title: Limehouse Blues [3-23-1937]c

Artist: Victor Arden And Phil Ohman Orchestra v Frank Luth Title: Out Of Breath [7-10-1930]

07 PM

Artist: Willie Lewis Title: Baby, Ain't You Satisfied? [6-19-1941]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Title: Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)? [11-23-1956]

Artist: Horace Henderson Title: Turkey Special [8-13-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Kathleen Lane Title: Every Day's A Holiday [12-13-1937]

Artist: Sammy Kaye Title: Josephine [NY 8-25-1937]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Bill Stoker Title: Did You Mean It? [10-1-1936]

Artist: Les Elgart Title: As Time Goes By [1964]

Artist: Kay Kayser v Harry Babbitt and The Campus Kids Title: Takin' Miss Mary To The Ball [1-1948]

Artist: Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra Title: Buffet Flat [8-9-1938]

Artist: Clarence Williams' Blue Five Title: Wild Cat Blues [7-30-1923]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v Trummy Young and Chorus Title: T'ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) [1-3-1939]

Artist: Henry Busse Title: Hot Lips [6-4-1934]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Jean Bowes Title: Sing (It's Good For You) [NY 9-27-1932]

Artist: Carmen Miranda Title: I - Yi - Yi - Yi - Yi (I Like You Very Much) [1-5-1941]

Artist: Erroll Garner Trio Title: Frantonality [4-9-1946]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Carmen Lombardo And Trio Title: Riptide [4-5-1934]

Artist: Herb Miller v John Miller Title: But I Do

Artist: Red Norvo's Swing Octet Title: Blues In E Flat [1-25-1935]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Martha Tilton Title: Sing For Your Supper [11-11-1938]

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Blue Boys Title: Blues [12-13-1935]

Artist: Bing Crosby And The Spike Jones 4 Title: Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider [3-15-1939]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Skeets Herfurt Title: Hold Tight, Hold Tight [7-25-1938]

Artist: Charlie Spivak Title: To Your Hearts Content [NY 8-5-1941]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Carolyn Grey Title: It's A Good Day [Chi 10-17-1946]

Artist: Bobby Gordon and Bob Wilber Title: It's All In Your Mind

08 PM

Artist: Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five Title: What Is There To Say? [12-4-1935]

Artist: Jack Teagarden v David Allen Title: Wait 'Till I Catch You In My Dreams [7-3-1940]

Artist: American Quartet v Billy Murray and Chorus Title: It's A Long Way To Tipperary [9-15-1914]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Bea Wain Title: Whistle While You Work [12-14-1937]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) [2-17-1937]

Artist: Blue Barron v Jimmy McDonald Title: Everybody Loves My Baby [1946-1950]

Artist: Kansas City Six Title: Countless Blues [NY 9-27-1938]c

Artist: Leo Reisman v Arthur Wright Title: By A Waterfall [9-6-1933]

Artist: Garland Wilson Title: The Blues I Love To Play [Paris 3-9-1938]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: Marching Along With Time [4-27-1938]

Artist: Buster Bailey And His Seven Chocolate Dandies Title: Shanghai Shuffle [NY 12-28-1934]

Artist: Sidney Becher And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Egyptian Fantasy [NY 1-8-1941]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day And Johnny Desmond Title: Two In Love [Hwd 10-3-1941]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy v Harry Mill Title: Fifty-Second Street [12-9-1936]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 6-10-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Million Dollar Smile [10-16-1944]

Artist: Red Norvo And His Overseas Spotlight Band v Carol Title: Embraceable You [V-Disc 87A2 10-28-1943]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Krazy Kat [8-28-1927]

Artist: Johnny Mercer And The King Cole Trio Title: Harmony [LA 8-20-1947]

Artist: Spitfire Band Title: Air Mail Special

Artist: Mills Brother Title: Moonlight Bay [NY 3-18-1940]c

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Cuddle Up, Huddle Up [1-21-1941]

Artist: Frankie Masters v Phyllis Miles Title: I Do [2-12-1942]

09 PM

Artist: Various Title: Yesteryear: TheBest Of The Golden Age Of Radio

10 PM

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Rug Cutter's Swing [1-29-1940]

Artist: Milt Herth Trio v O'Neil Spencer Title: La De Doody Doo [7-22-1938]

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: St. Louis Blues (Unissued Master) [8-21-1936]

Artist: The Quintones Title: The Five Little Quints [2-2-1940]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Complainin' [11-6-1939]

Artist: Lester Young v Billie Holiday Title: Me, Myself And I [6-15-1937]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Rhythm Spasm [5-12-1932]

Artist: Will Bradley Trio v Jimmy Valentine Title: I Could Make You Care [8-12-1940]

Artist: Harry James Title: Blues For Harry's Sake [5-4-1957]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Anita Boyer Title: If It's Not You [9-7-1940]

Artist: Bing and Gary Crosby Title: A Simple Melody [6-23-1950]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Cream Puff [12-23-1936]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Louisiana [NY 3-19-1940]

Artist: Emil Coleman v Jerry Cooper Title: I Wish I Were Twins (6-4-1934]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Just Blues [NY 3-1924]

Artist: Sy Oliver v Mills Brothers Title: The Jones Boys [10-13-1953]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Number 19 [NY 2-13-1940]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: It's A Pity To Say Goodnight [8-29-1946]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Bill Dutton Title: Dixie Dawn [NY 5-22-1928]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams [2-23-1940]

Artist: The Raven Title: Write Me A Letter [9-11-1947]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: Not Mine [NY 12-10-1941]

Artist: Red Norvo Title: Rehearsing For A Nervous Breakdown [4-16-1939]

Artist: Johnny Long v Dick Robertson Title: My Dreams are Getting Better All The Time [2-20-1945]

11 PM

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio Title: When You're Smiling [NY 11-17-1947]c

Artist: Billie Holiday Title: I'll Be Seeing You [4-8-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: If I Had You [10-28-1941]

Artist: Three Peppers Title: Smile Up At The Sun [5-22-1939]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy Eight Title: All Over Nothing at All [NY 5-24-1937]c

Artist: Les Elgart Title: A Foggy Day [1964]

Artist: Eddie Kirkeby v Elmer Feldkamp Title: Too Many Tears [2-24-1932]

Artist: Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five Title: The Buzzard [12-4-1935]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Chorus Title: Give Me Those Good Old Days [12-11-1947]

Artist: Glen Gray Title: Alley Cat [1938]

Artist: Russ Morgan v Jimmy Lewis Title: The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down [4-29-1937]

Artist: Henry Busse Title: Sidewalks Of Cuba

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: The Morning After [7-8-1937]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Twelfth Street Rag [NY 4-5-1939]

Artist: Bobby Byrne v Jimmy Palmer Title: Maybe [7-19-1940]

Artist: Tony Pastor v Dorsey Anderson Title: Maria Elena [4-21-1941]

Artist: Van Alexander Title: Stumbling [6-21-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Ward Title: Throwin' Stones at The Sun [NY 1-15-1935]c

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: My Hands Are Tied [NY 4-10-1039]

Artist: Joe Venuti's Blue Five v Harold Arlen Title: Isn't It Heavenly [5-8-1933]

Artist: Clarence Williams' Blue Five Title: Texas Moaner Blues [10-17-1924]

Artist: Chick Webb v Ella Fitzgerald Title: T'ain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It) [NY 2-17-1939]

Artist: Sammy Kaye Title: Star Dust[ NY 5-27-1938]




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