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Date Played: Monday, March 20, 2017

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Monday, March 20, 2017

12 AM

Artist: King Oliver Title: You're Just My Type [3-18-1930]

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: South Side [4-3-1941]

Artist: Ray McKinley v Ray McKinley Title: That's Your Red Wagon [5-1947]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Dinah Part 2 [LA 2-28-1940]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Humpty Dumpty [8-28-1927]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Quartet Title: Annie Laurie [NY 2-3-1938]

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: St. Louis Blues (Unissued Master) [8-21-1936]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Blue Ramble[5-18-1932]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Wild Bill's Boogie [8-9-1946]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Orchestra v Ella Fitzgeral Title: Wishful Thinking [NY 1-8-1941]

Artist: Harry James Title: Jump Town [Hwd 7-22-1942]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: Sam Jones Done Snagged His Britches [NY 3-29-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Pyramid [Hwd 12-3-1940]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: West End Blues [NY 2-23-1944]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Well, Git It! [Hwd 3-9-1942]

Artist: Les Brown v Doris Day Title: My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time [2-1-1945]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Let's Go Home [4-24-1941]

Artist: Count Basie v Jimmy Rushing Title: Pennies From Heaven [1-21-1937]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: All Of Me [NY 11-19-1940]c

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: King Porter Stomp [9-12-1938]

Artist: Patsy Kelly and Barry Wood Title: I'm Gonna Hang My Hat On A Tree That Grows In Brooklyn [V-Disc 306A 1944]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: In The Bag [5-26-1942]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Taking A Chance On Love [1936-1937]

Artist: Louis Jordan Title: Three Little Words

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: What's The Reason? (I'm Not Pleasing You) [3-29-1936]

01 AM

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Down South Camp Meeting [Hwd 8-13-1936]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Chant by the Orchestra Title: Sold American [5-23-1938]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: Blue Fives [11-25-1944]

Artist: Count Basie v Helen Humes Title: Who Am I [NY 12-14-1940]

Artist: Barney Bigard Title: A Lull At Dawn [11-11-1940]

Artist: Paul Whiteman Title: Song Of India [4-25-1929]

Artist: Ambrose Title: Hors D'Oeuvres [1-4-1935]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Billy Williams Title: Hawaiian Sunset [V-Disc 349B1]

Artist: Jack Teagarden Title: Mighty Lak' A Rose [11-16-1943]

Artist: Jan Savitt Title: That's A Plenty [7-22-1938]

Artist: Johnny Messner v The Three Jacks Title: The Umbrella Man [11-25-1938]

Artist: Boots and His Buddies Title: The Vamp [2-25-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: There's No Place Like In Your Arms [Chi 8-17-1938]c

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: Clementine [From New Orleans]

Artist: Raymond Scott Title: Eagle Beak [11-29-1940]

Artist: Three Peppers v Toy Wilson And Bob Bell Title: Fuzzy Wuzzy [12-16-1938]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: Weekend Of A Private Secretary [2-10-1938]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: Corky [3-7-1936]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Boys Title: Room 1411 (Goin' To Town) [6-4-1928]

Artist: King Cole Trio v Nat King Cole Title: Pitchin' Up A Boogie [LA 3-1-1943]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Tunin' Up [NY 7-2-1941]c

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Isn't That Just Like Love? [Cafe Rouge 11-16-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Buddy's Wednesday Outing [3-1-1933]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Chickery Chick [9-26-1945]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Taxi War Dance [NY 3-19-1939]c

02 AM

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Hawaiian War Chant [11-29-1938]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Plantation Moods [11-20-1934]

Artist: Jack Payne v Jack Payne and Leslie Holmes Title: The Argument Song [6-12-1931]

Artist: Mildred Bailey Title: I Shoulda Stood In Bed [NY 11-3-1939]c

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Skater's Waltz (In Swingtime) [1-23-1939]

Artist: Harry James Title: Night Special [Hwd 11-30-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Two In One Blues [1-21-1942]

Artist: Ambrose v Sam Browne Title: Ten Pretty Girls [1937]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Minor Mania [1-11-1934]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Number 19 [NY 2-13-1940]

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: Marie [3-26-1937]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: Blue Skies [2-1-1947]

Artist: Charlie Spivak v Gary Stevens Title: I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen [7-6-1942]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: The Varsity Drag [12-9-1947]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Dinah's In A Jam [NY 4-11-1938]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: Who Are You? [11-5-1941]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Blue Moon [1960]

Artist: Art Kahn v Chick Bullock Title: The Grass Is Gettin' Greener All The Time [3-31-1933]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: The Great Lie [1-27-1945]

Artist: Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Jack Teagarden Title: The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid [5-26-1941]

Artist: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Blues For You, Johnny [Chicago 9-6-1940]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Skinner's Sock [8-13-1928]

03 AM

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Out Of Nowhere

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: Back To Back [6-2-1939]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm Title: The Moon Is Low [Chi 1-12-1940]c

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v June Rich Title: It Always Will Be You [NY 1-2-1940]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Josephine [12-22-1936]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Mack The Knife

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Mills Brothers Title: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [1-5-1951]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Tea For Two [3-15-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Solo Flight [NY 3-4-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: San Jose [V-Disc 744 5-14-1945]c

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: Murder, He Says [1943]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Blue Ink [2-5-1940]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Krum Elbow Blues [5-19-2004]

Artist: Maxine Sullivan Title: Turtle Dove [NY 8-22-1939]c

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Swingin' On C [Chi 5-9-1940]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 6-10-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Downhome Jump [Chi 10-11-1938]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Cuddle Up, Huddle Up [1-21-1941]

Artist: Frank Sinatra, Connie Haines and The Pied Pipers Title: You Might Have Belonged To Another [1-6-1941]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: A New Kind Of Man [8-29-1924]

Artist: Harry James Title: Trumpet Rhapsody [V-Disc 213A2 3-26-1941]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Frank Sinatra Title: It's Always You [1-15-1941]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: One Night Stand [3-13-1939]

04 AM

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Baltimore [8-28-1927]

Artist: Clyde Lucas v Clyde Lucas Title: Dance With a Dolly [V-Disc 331A 12-1944]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Waldorf Rhapsody [1936-1937]

Artist: Clyde McCoy v The Bennett Sisters Title: Love Can Do the Darndest Things [12-3-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Here's Love In Your Eye [8-13-1936]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: Twenty-Four Hours A Day [10-25-1935]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Jumpin' Jehosaphat [V-Disc 470 6-12-1944]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v Trummy Young Title: Easy Street [LA 7-14-1942]

Artist: John Kirby Title: St. Louis Blues [2-11-1942]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Sorghum Switch (Cole Slaw) [1958]

Artist: Louis Armstrong And Duke Ellington v Louis Armstro Title: Azalea [1961]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Admiration [Chi 1-9-1935]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Moonlight Cocktail [3-27-1942]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Arthur Wright Title: Two Hearts That Pass In The Night [3-31-1941]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Swingin' In E Flat [10-4-1934]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Night In Sudan [6-15-1939]

Artist: Count Basie Title: One O'Clock Jump [11-3-1937]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Stack Of Barley [3-10-1941]

Artist: Harry James v Frank Sinatra Title: My Buddy [NY 8-17-1939]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Trees [12-23-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake 7 v Edythe Wright Title: If You Should Ever Leave [6-12-1937]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Rose Room [11-1944]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Johnson Rag [NY 11-2-1939]c

05 AM

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: My Reverie [12-18-1947]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Calling All Bars [5-15-1940]

Artist: Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Memories Of You [12-1-1937]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: My Old Flame [10-2-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Good-Bye [9-27-1935]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Power Steering [2-3-1947]

Artist: Dean Martin Title: You Belong To Me [6-12-1952]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Tuxedo Junction [NY 3-8-1940]

Artist: Harry James Title: Bess, You Is My Woman Now [12-21-1953]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Lucky Number [9-1945]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Louis Armstrong Title: I'm Beginning To See The Light [4-1961]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes [1-29-1936]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Forrest Title: Dreaming Out Loud [LA 6-25-1940]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Sugar Foot Stomp [LA 1-27-1942]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Swanee River (Old Folks At Home) [10-16-1940]

Artist: Teddy Hill v Bill Dillard and Chorus Title: The Love Bug'll Bite You [3-26-1937]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Texas Shuffle [NY 8-22-1938]c

Artist: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Wild Man Blues [6-4-1940]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Wang Wang Blues [10-27-1930]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Terry Shand Title: It's Been So Long [12-12-1935]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Coffee Time [1960]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Satan Does The Rhumba [10-2-1939]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Open House [Hwd 10-20-1940]c

06 AM

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Sweet And Lovely [10-23-1947]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Blue Blazes [NY 2-7-1939]

Artist: Ben Selvin v Dick Robertson Title: Hummin' To Myself [6-9-1932]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Begin The Beguine [1936-1937]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: King Porter Stomp [7-20-1944]

Artist: Vaughn Monroe v The Four V's Title: Hip, Hip, Hooray [7-8-1942]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Shufflebug Shuffle [11-1-1939]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Hocus Pocus [3-6-1934]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Elmer's Tune

Artist: Chick Webb v Ella Fitzgerald Title: Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) [NY 6-2-1936]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Kokey Joe [10-5-1933]

Artist: Ray Noble v Larry Stewart Title: Is It Possible [5-22-1939]

Artist: Harry James Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 2-20-1939]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Nightmare (Theme) [9-17-1937]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Riverboat Shuffle [5-9-1927]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: Love Is Where You Find It [7-28-1938]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Mandy, Make Up Your Mind [7-1-1942]

Artist: Charlie Palloy v Charlie Palloy Title: One Little Word Lead To Another [10-1932]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Charleston Alley [1-7-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Louisiana [NY 3-19-1940]

Artist: Evelyn Knight And The Stardusters Title: Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes [1949]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Solitude [NY 5-14-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Down South Camp Meeting [4-13-1936]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Eddy Stone Title: Nice Dreamin' Baby [3-26-1941]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: No Soap (A Jitterbug Jamboree [NY 5-14-1939]

07 AM

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Shufflin' At The Hollywood [NY 4-5-1939]

Artist: Raymond Scott And His New Orchestra v Ens Title: In A Subway Far From Ireland [NY 11-30-1939]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Night And Day [1936-1937]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Gail Reese Title: I Dance Alone [3-16-1938]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: American Patrol [4-2-1942]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: That Wonderful, Worrisome Feeling

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Break It Down [10-5-1933]

Artist: Lucky Millinder v Trevor Bacon Title: When The Lights Go On Again (All Over The World) [7-29-1942]

Artist: Harry James Title: Memphis Blues [Hwd 6-31-1942]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Cream Puff [12-23-1936]

Artist: Buddy Morrow v Orchestra Title: Rose, Rose, I Love You [1951]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Stars And Stripes Forever [2-23-1940]

Artist: June Christy Title: When You Wish Upon A Star [2-15-1960]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Dark Eyes [NY 3-10-1937]c

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Midnight Sun [8-6-1958]

Artist: David Rose v Judy Garland and Gene Kelly Title: For Me And My Gal [7-26-1942]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Ivie Anderson Title: Rose Of The Rio Grande [NY 6-7-1938]

Artist: Count Basie Title: I've Found A New Baby [6-10-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: April in Paris [6-30-1967]

Artist: High Hatters v Frank Luther Title: There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time [5-11-1931]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: (Concerto For Cootie)Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me[3-15-1940]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Back In Your Own Backyard [3-22-1937]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Skip It [The Haague, The Netherlands,8-17-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: Only When You're In My Arms [Chi 3-8-1939]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: I'm Alone With You [NY 12-14-1939]

08 AM

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Maple Leaf Rag [9-15-1932]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: You Hit The Spot [1962]

Artist: Woody Herman v Dinah Shore And Woody Herman Title: Tallahassee [LA 4-22-1947]c

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry [3-5-1942]

Artist: Harry James Title: Fannie-May [NY 5-24-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Dancing In The Dark [1-23-1941]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Portrait Of A Pretzel [4-20-1938]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Howard Delaney Title: High On A Windy Hill [9-17-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: I Should Care [11-20-1944]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along [Chi 4-17-1939]c

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: After You've Gone [6-5-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: The World Is Mad (Part One) [Chi 8-8-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes [1-24-1936]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Art Gentry Title: Who's Afraid Of Love? [1-22-1937]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Bojangles [Hwd 5-4-1940]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Really [8-16-1949]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Pass The Bounce [NY 12-29-1941]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Listen To Lawrence [6-21-1945]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Seger Ellis Title: Blue River [8-25-1927]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: O Sole Mio [NY 7-8-1941]

Artist: Billy Cotton and His Band v Duo Title: Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore [8-14-1934]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Dixieland Shuffle [2-17-1937]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Jumpin' On The Black And Whites [9-12-1939]

09 AM

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Study In Brown [1-20-1949]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Bea Wain Title: Martha [2-11-1938]

Artist: Harry James Title: Headin' for Hallelujiah [2-12-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Johnny Ambrose Title: Bye, Bye Baby [1950]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Bedford Drive [1-9-1945]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: I Dream Of You [12-1942/1-1943]

Artist: Three Peppers Title: Smile Up At The Sun [5-22-1939]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: I'm Coming Virginia [5-13-1927]

Artist: Count Basie Title: When The Sun Goes Down [1-26-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Please Be Kind [1973]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Martha Tilton Title: You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart [NY 11-12-137]

Artist: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: New Orleans [12-19-1932]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Bublitchki [12-28-1938]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: Cabin In The Sky [NY 11-8-1940]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Hot Air [NY 8-28-1940]c

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Alice Blue Gown [3-30-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: I'm Sorry I Made You Blue [7-30-1931]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Hot Platter [7-18-1939]

Artist: Spike Jones v Del Porter and Chorus Title: Behind Those Swinging Doors [8-8-1941]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Fiddle Dee Dee [12-19-1940]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Anitra's Dance [5-19-1939]

Artist: Benny Morton v Jerry Blake Title: Get Goin' [2-23-1934]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Southern Fried [1958]

10 AM

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Chelsea Bridge [9-26-1941]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Ray McKinley Title: The Love Bug Will Bite You [LA 2-27-1937]c

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Swanee River (Old Folks At Home) [NY 10-16-1941]

Artist: Harry Roy v Billy Currie And Chorus Title: She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor [4-3-1940]

Artist: Count Basie Title: On The Sunny Side Of The Street [11-12-1947]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Judy Ellington Title: It Must Have Been Two Other People [NY 6-26-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm? [6-30-1967]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne v Buddy Clark Title: Lazy Weather [4-13-1936]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Everywhere You Go [5-25-1949]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: My Funny Valentine [1936-1937]

Artist: Arthur Pryor's Band v Chorus Title: Whistler And His Dog [11-10-1925]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Bugle Call Rag [Copenhagen, Denmark 8-26-1936]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Just Blues [NY 3-1924]

Artist: Jan Garber v Fritz Heilbron Title: Outside [8-28-1928]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Chocolate [NY 4-22-1941]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Nobody Knows The Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin' [6-4-1940]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Whistle Stop [NY 4-10-1940]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Opus 5 [5-19-2004]

Artist: Boots And His Buddies v Charlie Anderson Title: How Long Part Two [San Antonio 8-14-1935]

Artist: Harry James Title: How Deep Is The Ocean? (How High Is The Sky?) [2-18-1954]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: The Hornet [9-1945]

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: A Foggy Day [9-30-1956]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Tappin' At The Tappa [1-3-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Hymn To The Sun [NY 6-12-1937]c

11 AM

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Skrontch [5-25-1938]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Swingin' The Blues [1-3-1938]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: One O'Clock Jump [1962]

Artist: UNA MAE CARLISL Title: Sweet Talk [2-13-1942]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Ballad In Blue [6-25-1935]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: s'Posin'

Artist: Roy Fox Band v Denny Dennis Title: Keep Young And Beautiful

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Fractious Fingering [6-8-1936]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Out Where The Blues Begins [2-20-1929]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Jumpin' Jupiter [Chi 6-21-1941]

Artist: Woody Herman's Woodchoppers v Bing Crosby And Wood Title: I Want Mama [LA 1-18-1942]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Baubles, Bangles And Beads [1979]

Artist: Count Basie v Ella Fitzgerald Title: Shiny Stockings [7-15-1963]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Honky Tonk Train Blues [10-19-1938]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Birmingham Breakdown (Second Version) [2-28-1927]

Artist: Dick Haymes And The Songspinner Title: I Heard You Cried Last Night [NY 6-22-1943]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: What Is This Thing Called Love?

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: I'm Confessin' [12-20-1939]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Melancholy Serenade [5-1955]

Artist: Fats Waller Title: Georgia On My Mind [NY 5-13-1941]

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: Blue Rhythm Fantasy (Theme) [5-4-1936]

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Minor Mania [1-11-1934]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: South Side [4-3-1941]

12 PM

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: When Buddha Smiles [11-13-1937]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: Caravan [1945]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Ford Lear Title: The Little Man Who Wasn't There [NY 6-23-1939]c

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Pagan Love Song [6-27-1939]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Rhythm Spasm [5-12-1932]

Artist: Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole And The King Cole Tri Title: You Can't Make Money Dreamin' [LA 8-20-1947]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Grandfather's Clock [NY 4-14-1938]

Artist: Harry James Title: Blues Again

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: The Continental [4-4-1950]

Artist: Chuck Foster v Dorothy Brandon Title: Cabaret [1940]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Baltimore Bounce [12-20-1939]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Elmer Feldkamp Title: Everything's Been Done Before [2-18-1935]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Nola [12-24-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Pound Cake [5-13-1939]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Singin' The Blues (Theme) [2-4-1927]

Artist: Betty Hutton Title: Doin' It the Hard Way [1945]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Moonlight In Vermont [10-19-1956]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Bing Crosby Title: It Makes No Difference Now [LA 12-16-1940]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: All The Things You Ain't [V-Disc 391 Hwd 4-12-1944]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: I've Got A Crush On You [1936-1937]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Kay Kyser, Harry Babbitt, Little Audre Title: The Little Red Fox [LA 10-26-1939]

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: Baltimore

Artist: Jack Teagarden Title: King Porter Stomp [3-13-1945]

Artist: Nicholas Brothers v Fayard Nicholas Title: They Say He Ought To Dance [12-6-1937]

Artist: Raymond Scott Title: Stiff Lace, Old Charcoal [12-20-1937]

01 PM

Artist: Barney Bigard Title: Step Steps Up [1-22-1944]

Artist: Nat Shilkret v Gene Austin, Franklyn Baur and Lewi Title: California Here I Come [8-23-1929]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: Complainin' [1-18-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Helen Forrest Title: You're A Sweet Little Headache [9-27-1938]

Artist: Jan Savitt Title: When Buddah Smiles [6-1-1939]

Artist: Boots And His Buddies Title: Rose Room [San Antonio 8-14-1935]

Artist: Ambrose Title: Maracas [1931-1932]

Artist: Louis Prima's New Orleans Gang v Louis Prima Title: If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight [7-12-1939]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: Puddin' Head Serenade [3-31-1936]

Artist: Paul Whiteman Title: Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere

Artist: Lionel Hampton v Ensemble Title: Big Wig in the Wigwam [NY 6-9-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Boys Title: After Awhile [8-13-1929]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Nancy Norman Title: Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home [NY 6-5-1942]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Night Glow [10-9-1939]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Accent On Swing [Lon 6-1936]

Artist: Dick Powell And The Mills Brothers Title: Out For No Good

Artist: Erskine Hawkins v Dolores Brown Title: You Bring Me Down [4-26-1940]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Moonrise On The Lowlands [4-9-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: For Sentimental Reasons [11-1936]

Artist: Ted Weems v Red Ingle Title: Talkin' To Myself [Chi 10-15-1934]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Okay For Baby [12-23-1940]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Tishomingo Blues [6-5-1928]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Blues In The Air [10-14-1941]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Anita Boyer Title: Love Of My Life [10-7-1940]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: If You Are But A Dream [6-21-1945]

02 PM

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: La Cinquantaine [1-13-1945]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Candlelights [11-30-1938]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Orchestra Title: Oh! Lady, Be Good [11-26-1937]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Pauline Byrne Title: Gloomy Sunday [Hwd 3-3-1940]c

Artist: Anson Weeks Title: You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me [1933]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Before (Rachmaninoff Special) [3-12-1942]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists Title: Modern Melody [9-10-2002]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v Henry Wel Title: When I Saw You (Ev'rything Happened) [11-7-1940]

Artist: Spitfire Band Title: It Happened In Monterey

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: Piano Man [7-12-1939]

Artist: Tex Beneke Title: Pennies From Heaven [11-13-1947]

Artist: King Oliver Title: I'm Watching The Clock [9-12-1928]

Artist: Al Cooper and His Savoy Sultans Title: See What I Mean? [2-28-1941]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists v Damon Kirsche Title: Do You Or Don't You Love Me? [9-10-2002]

Artist: Count Basie Title: The Glory Of Love [3-26-1937]

Artist: Harry James Title: Record Session [6-30-1941]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Jean Bowes Title: Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn [NY 9-24-1932]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: I Was Doing Alright [7-17-1945]c

Artist: Bobby Darin Title: I'm Beginning To See The Light

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Never Never Land Fantasy [NY 4-23-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Denny Denis and The Sentimentalists Title: My Love For You [1948]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Abba Dabba [11-5-1937]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Tapping Off [11-3-1941]

03 PM

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: Limehouse Blues [spliced recordings from March 11 and 16 1937]

Artist: Buddy Johnson v Ella Johnson Title: I'd Be Ever So Grateful [4-9-1941]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful [12-18-1947]

Artist: Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra v Johnny Mar Title: Me And My Shadow [5-12-1927]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Flyin' Home [6-3-1967]

Artist: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Always [LA 7-23-1937]

Artist: Frank Sinatra with Chorus Title: Hey! Jealous Lover [4-9-1956]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Blue Danube [1-10-1937]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Skyliner [1958]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Love's Serenade [10-5-1933]

Artist: Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra v Billie Holiday Title: Forget If You Can [NY 5-11-1938]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Intermezzo [9-2-1941]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: I'm In The Mood For Swing [7-21-1938]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Paula Kelly Title: Make Love To Me [Chi 10-30-1941]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Dolimite [2-27-1940]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Tin Roof Blues [NY 1-20-1939]c

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: South Rampart Street Parade [11-16-1937]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Effervescent Blues [1-9-1939]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Bob Crosby And The Quartet Title: Last Call For You [LA 3-3-1942]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Topsy [11-11-1938]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Lemon Twist [1958]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v Rubel Blakey Title: Now That You're Mine [Chi 4-8-1941]c

Artist: Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson Title: Barrelhouse Boogie [5-7-1941]

04 PM

Artist: Freddie Martin Title: (Theme From The) Warsaw Concerto [7-31-1942]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v James 'Trummy' Young Title: You Can Fool Some Of The People (Some Of The Time) [8-2-1939]

Artist: Will Bradley Title: Jimtown Blues [1-17-1940]

Artist: Johnny Long Band v The Band Title: In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town [2-4-1946]

Artist: Frankie Carle Title: Old Folks At Home (Swanee River) [1944-1946]

Artist: Bea Wain Title: Blow Gabriel Blow

Artist: Chick Webb Title: Go Harlem [6-2-1936]

Artist: McKinney's Cotton Pickers v George Thomas Title: Baby Won't You Please Come Home? [7-29-1930]

Artist: Freddy Martin Title: Laura [1945]

Artist: Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra Title: A Porter's Love Song [11-23-1934]

Artist: The Quintones Title: The Five Little Quints [2-2-1940]

Artist: Buddy Morrow Title: Invitation

Artist: Mugsy Spanier Title: Little David, Play Your Horn [1-2-1942]

Artist: Mrs. Jack Hylton v Jimmy Miller Title: My Sweetest Dream [1-8-1936]

Artist: Count Basie Title: It's Sand, Man [LA 7-27-1942]c

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Moonglow [9-12-1934]

Artist: Harry James Title: The Mole [12-30-1941]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Why Shouldn't I? [3-20-1941]

Artist: Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra v Gene Austi Title: The Lonesome Road [4-26-1929]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Open Up That Door [7-20-1944]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) [1936-1937]

Artist: Helen O'Connell Title: I See Your Face Before Me [1950]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: I Wish You Love [6-30-1967]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Ja-Da [4-15-1936]

05 PM

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: It's The Talk Of The Town [NY 9-22-1933]c

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Twelve O'clock Jump [NY 8-1946]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Singin' The Blues (Theme) [2-4-1927]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Ramona Davies Title: You're An Old Smoothie [12-8-1932]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Handful Of Keys [3-24-1950]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Battle Axe [3-26-1941]

Artist: Tony Martin Title: Cancel The Flowers [NYC 11-18-1941]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Egyptian Fantasy [1-8-1941]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: The Golden Wedding [9-27-1940]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Topsy [8-9-1937]

Artist: Tommy Ladnier Title: When You And I Were Young, Maggie [11-28-1938]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Jump Steady [5-19-2004]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Claire Hogan Title: Charlie My Boy [11-1-1949]

Artist: Ray Noble Title: Peer Gynt Suite [5-22-1939]

Artist: Henry Hall Title: Sidewalks Of Cuba [2-23-1935]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Mills Brothers Title: Diga Diga Doo [12-22-1932]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio Title: Black Spider Stomp [11-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Bumble Bee Stomp [Chi 8-13-1938]

Artist: Manny Green Title: Skirts

Artist: Red Nichols v Harry Jaeger Title: Beat Me, Daddy, Eight To The Bar [6-11-1940]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro Title: Meet Mr Callaghan [8-1952]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy Title: Walkin' And Swingin' [3-2-1936]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen Title: Clambake in B-Flat [11-16-1943]

06 PM

Artist: Jan Garber Title: I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate [2-14-1928]

Artist: Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Title: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Artist: Russ Case v Perry Como Title: All Through The Day

Artist: Lawrence Welk Title: The Moon Is A Silver Dollar [2-12-1939]

Artist: Artie Shaw and His New Music Title: Free Wheeling [9-17-1937]

Artist: Bing Crosby And The Spike Jones 4 Title: Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider [3-15-1939]

Artist: Jean Goldkette Title: A Little White House On A Little Green Hill [9-27-1926]

Artist: Sam Donahue Title: My Melancholy Baby [10-18-1946]

Artist: Georgie Auld Title: Taps Miller [NY 5-11-1944]c

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: Not A Care In The World [12-10-1941]

Artist: Ray Miller Title: The Sign Of The Rose [3-9-1926]

Artist: Buddy Baker v Billy Eckstine Title: Fool's Paradise [12-16-1949]

Artist: Ray McKinley Title: Comin' Out [7-9-1946]

Artist: Harlan Leonard and His Rockets Title: 400 Swing [7-15-1940]

Artist: Harry James Title: Prince Charming [7-22-1942]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Carolyn Grey Title: It's A Good Day [Chi 10-17-1946]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Jungle Drums [NY 12-19-1939]c

Artist: Buddy Clark with Ray Noble Orchestra Title: Those Things Money Can't Buy [10-1947]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Milenberg Joys Parts One And Two [1-19-1939]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Scotch And Soda [4-5-1939]

Artist: Don Redman v Quentin Jackson and Chorus Title: Margie [12-6-1938]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Daybreak Express [12-4-1933]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Red Rhythm [5-20-1936]

Artist: Leo Reisman v Frank Munn Title: For You [4-7-1931]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) [2-5-1940]

07 PM

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Diga, Diga Doo [6-15-1936]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Sims Title: Fit To Be Tied [10-26-1939]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Rose Room [12-23-1947]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen v Peggy Lee Title: That Old Feeling [LA 11-16-1944]c

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Just For Laffs [NY 8-21-1940]c

Artist: Count Basie Title: Let's Jump [5-25-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: I Love Paris [6-30-1967]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Wes Vaughn Title: I Used To Be Above Love [6-11-1936]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Bizet Has His Day [1960]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Very Much In Love

Artist: Chuck Foster v Trio Title: Beautiful Eyes [1940]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm Title: Buck Jumpin' [NYC 10-1-1941]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestra v Ella Fi Title: I Want The Waiter (With The Water) [6-29-1939]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Marianne [9-10-1929]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Young At Heart [1953]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Carmen Lombardo And Trio Title: Riptide [4-5-1934]

Artist: Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm v Thelma Grace Title: Blue Moon [1951]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: The Object Of My Affection

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Sweet Sue, Just You [5-1955]

Artist: Freddie Fisher v Stanley Fritts Title: I'm A Ding Dong Daddy [Chi 7-9-1937]c

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Belle Of The Ball [1936-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [2-17-1941]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Chloe [1945]

Artist: Martha Tilton Title: You Make Me Feel So Young [1946]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Rustle Of Spring [1-18-1946]

08 PM

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Davenport Blues [11-30-1938]

Artist: Harry James Title: Nothin' [9-8-1941]

Artist: Ben Selvin v Paul Small and The Three Nitecaps Title: Whistle And Blow Your Blues Away [5-12-1932]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Ward Title: Singing A Happy Song [2-19-1935]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: The Glider [9-1945]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Chain Gang [LA 2-17-1942]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Stampede [3-22-1937]

Artist: Buddy Johnson v Buddy Johnson Title: Let's Beat Out Some Love [NY 7-30-1942]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Melancholy Lullaby [6-9-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Five O'Clock Drag [Hwd 9-26-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Basie Land [12-9-1956]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Honeysuckle Rose [1-16-1938]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans [5-13-1927]

Artist: Fred Rich v Scrappy Lambert Title: Pardon Me, Pretty Baby [6-15-1931]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Overheard In A Cocktail Lounge [New York 8-13-1937]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Ragging The Scale [6-15-1937]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestra Title: Please Tell Me The Truth [NY 8-18-1939]

Artist: Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five Title: Keep Smilin' At Trouble (Trouble's A Bubble) [12-4-1935]

Artist: Leo Reisman v Jimmy Brierley Title: Just A Quiet Evening [NY 2-4-1937]

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow Title: Blues In Disguise [6-14-1937]

Artist: Abe Lyman And His Californians v The Revere Sister Title: When You Were The Girl On The Scooter [10-12-1933]

Artist: Van Alexander Title: Stumbling [6-21-1939]

Artist: Red Norvo's Swing Octet Title: Honeysuckle Rose [1-25-1935]

09 PM

Artist: Various Title: Yesteryear: The Best Of The Golden Age Of Radio

10 PM

Artist: Les Elgart Title: Autumn Leaves

Artist: Luis Russell Title: Feelin' The Spirit [9-6-1929]

Artist: Charleston Chasers Title: Wabash Blues [2-25-1927]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Benny Goodman and Lisa Morrow Title: All The Cats Join In [2-6-1946]

Artist: Lucky Millinder Title: Apollo Jump [NY 9-5-1941]

Artist: John Kirby v Sarah Vaughn Title: It Might As Well Be Spring [NY 2-9-1946]c

Artist: Joe Venuti Title: Hocus Pocus [9-20-1934]

Artist: Lucky Millinder v Lucky Millinder Title: Shorty's Got To Go [2-26-1946]

Artist: Willie Lewis Title: After You've Gone [Zürich 6-27-1941]

Artist: Henry Busse Title: Hot Lips [6-4-1934]

Artist: Tony Pastor v Dorsey Anderson Title: Maria Elena [4-21-1941]

Artist: Ben Bernie Title: Sharing [5-29-1930]

Artist: Eddie Condon Title: All The Wrongs You've Done To Me [NY 12-11-1943]

Artist: Louis Jordan and His Tympani 5 v Louis Jordan Title: Honey In The Bee Ball [12-20-1938]

Artist: Frankie Masters Title: You're Driving Me Crazy

Artist: Spike Hughes Title: Donegal Cradle Song [5-19-1933]c

Artist: Raymond Scott And His New Orchestra Title: Petite [Chi 1-6-1941]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores Title: Indiana [NY 3-23-1937]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Tommy Mercer Title: How Little We Know [12-31-1956]

Artist: Clarence Williams' Blue Five Title: Wild Cat Blues [7-30-1923]

Artist: Alix Combelle And His Swing Band Title: Weekend Stomp [Paris 2-20-1940]c

Artist: Harry James v Bernice Byers Title: Love's A Necessary Thing [NY 2-20-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra Title: Riding On A Blue Note [2-2-1938]

Artist: Charlie Spivak Title: Solitude [1943-1946]

11 PM

Artist: Red Norvo Title: I Know That You Know [NY 8-26-1936]

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio Title: China Boy [4-24-1936]

Artist: Illinois Jacquet Title: Symphony In Sid [12-18-1947]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn v Ginnie Powell Title: Memphis In June [1945-1946]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, FR Title: Sugar

Artist: Sammy Kaye Title: Poor Little Robin Walkin' To Missouri

Artist: Billy Banks And His Rhythm Makers v Billy Banks Title: Oh! Peter [4-18-1932]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: My Hands Are Tied [NY 4-10-1039]

Artist: Glen Gray Title: Opus One [8-14-1959]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De Fr Title: The Sheik of Araby [Paris 4-27-1937]

Artist: Henry Hall v Val Rosing Title: It's Time To Say Goodnight [7-24-1933]

Artist: Horace Henderson Title: Ain't Misbehavin' [10-23-1940]

Artist: Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra v Mildred Bailey Title: You're The Moment Of My Life [NY 6-27-1939]c

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Blue Boys Title: You Took Advantage Of Me [12-13-1935]

Artist: John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys Title: Close Shave [6-25-1941]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Dorothy Clare and Tex Beneke Title: The Air Minded Executive

Artist: Ralph Flanagan Title: La Vie En Rose [7-254-1050]c

Artist: Louis Armstrong Title: Mahogany Hall Stomp [New York 3-18-1936]

Artist: Erroll Garner Trio Title: Blues I Can't Forget [12-18-1944]

Artist: Woody Herman's Woodchoppers v Bing Crosby Title: Let's All Meet At My House [LA 6-30-1941]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: 9:20 Special [8-24-1973]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Windy City Jive [Hwd 8-20-1941]c

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: When The Robin Sings His Song [2-23-1936]




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