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Date Played: Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

12 AM

Artist: David Carroll Title: Grandpa's Rocker [1953]

Artist: Frank Sinatra Title: Always [8-23-1960]

Artist: Glenn Miller v The Modernaires Title: It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That) [7-15-1942]

Artist: Wingy Manone Title: Never Had No Lovin' [8-15-1934]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton Title: Try Me Out [7-12-1929]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Bob Crosby And The Quartet Title: Last Call For You [LA 3-3-1942]

Artist: Dixie Rhythm Kings Title: Easy Rider [9-23-1929]

Artist: Vaughn Monroe v Vaughn Monroe Title: The Things We Did Last Summer [1946]

Artist: Engelbert Wrobel Title: Dreamy Mood [11-14-2000]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Dolly Mitchell Title: Can't You Read Between The Lines [4-2-1945]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy Title: Wednesday Night Hop [2-15-1937]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Billy Williams And Nancy Norman Title: I'll Be Walkin' with My Honey [1945]

Artist: New Orleans Rhythm Kings Title: San Antonio Shout [9-12-1934]

Artist: Roy Eldridge Title: Florida Stomp [1-23-1937]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Tommy Mercer Title: You Taught Me To Love Again [12-31-1956]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Emma Lou Welch Title: The Blues Jumped Up And Got Me [12-23-1947]

Artist: Ted Weems Title: Heartaches [8-4-1933]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly Title: In The Middle Of A Dream [1939]

Artist: Xavier Cugat Title: A Street In Old Seville [12-13-1935]

Artist: Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside [3-18-1949]

Artist: Barney Bigard Quintet Title: Rose Room [2-5-1945]

Artist: Eddie Condon And His Band Title: Dancing Fool [NY 11-14-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms Title: With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair [NY 11-28-1939]c

Artist: Benny Goodman Septet Title: Wholly Cats [8-28-1940]

Artist: Jack Payne v Billy Scott Coomber Title: Love Me Tonight [1931-1932]

01 AM

Artist: John Scott Trotter Title: Dodging A Divorcee [8-1960]

Artist: The Foursome With The Spike Jones Quartet Title: Sweet Potato Swing [9-17-1937]

Artist: Bud Freeman Title: Midnight At Eddie Condon's [12-10-1945]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Joya Sherrill Title: The Kissing Bug [4-26-1945]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band Title: (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue [12-12-1939]c

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: Hep Cat's Love Song [3-5-1941]

Artist: Edgar Hayes Title: Sweetheart [NY 10-11-1937]c

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Al Rinker and Chorus Title: Your Mother And Mine [5-4-1929]

Artist: Slim Gaillard And His Flat Foot Floogie Boys Title: It's You, Only You [10-4-1939]

Artist: Will Bradley and Ray McKinley Orchestra Title: In The Land Of Sky Blue Water [3-15-1941]

Artist: Bing Crosby and Georgie Stoll Title: One, Two, Button Your Shoe [7-29-1936]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Title: Oriental Shuffle [1936]

Artist: Ethel Merman Title: There's No Business Like Show Business [12-1954]

Artist: Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions in Music v Mary An Title: Row, Row, Row [12-18-1939]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier's Dixielanders Title: Featherbrain [Chi 3-27-1950]

Artist: Freddie Martin v The Martin Men Title: My Gal Sal [4-28-1942]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Tony Pastor Title: Take Another Guess [10-30-1936]

Artist: Bobby Hackett Title: New Orleans [NYC 9-23-1944]

Artist: Artie Shaw And His New Music v Peggy LaCentra Title: Love And Learn [11-30-1936]

Artist: Art Hodes' Chicagoans Title: Clark And Randolph [3-22-1944]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Clyde Rogers And Chorus Title: Horses Don't Bet On People [5-18-1945]

Artist: Tiny Hill Title: Slow Poke [1952]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli Title: Them There Eyes [6-14-1938]

Artist: Fred Rich v Vaughn De Leath Title: The Man I Love [12-10-1927]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Harry Babbitt and Gloria Wood Title: On A Slow Boat To China [11-9-1947]

02 AM

Artist: Eddie Miller And His Big Band Title: Squeeze Me [LA 1944]

Artist: Jack Marshard v Gil Phelan Title: Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart [10-20-1939]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Laura Leslie and Don Cornell Title: Cuddle Up A Little Closer [1941-1944]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Judy Ellington Title: The Girl With The Pigtails In Her Hair [9-10-1939]

Artist: Guy Lombardo Title: Singin' in the Rain [V-Disc 352A2 1-1945]

Artist: Ruby Newman v Barry McKinley Title: Sing, Baby, Sing [8-31-1936]

Artist: Eddie Condon and His Band Title: Save Your Sorrow [12-11-1943]

Artist: Count Basie v Jimmy Rushing Title: Evenin' [Chi 8-8-1940]

Artist: Les Brown and The Duke Blue Devils Title: Dancing With A Debutante [11-24-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Connie Haines Title: Will You Still Be Mine [NY 2-17-1941]

Artist: Edgar Hayes Title: Manhattan Jam [3-9-1937]

Artist: Slim Gaillard And His Flat Foot Floogie Boys Title: That's A Bringer, That's A Hanger, That's A Drag [9-15-1939]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Andrews Sisters Title: Sha-Sha [6-27-1938]

Artist: Woody Herman v Woody Herman Title: Blue Dawn [9-26-1939]

Artist: Stan Kenton Title: Adios [Hwd 7-11-1941]c

Artist: Django Reinhardt Title: Divine Beguine [Brussels 5-8-1942]c

Artist: Maxine Sullian Title: Sing Something Simple [NY 8-22-1939]c

Artist: Dorsey Brothers Title: Old Man Harlem [6-6-1933]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Skinnay Ennis Title: Page Miss Glory [7-10-1935]

Artist: Bobby Hackett Title: Embraceable You [4-13-1939]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke And Band Title: Three Little Fishies [NY 4-10-1939]c

Artist: New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Sweetie Dear [9-15-1932]

Artist: Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra v Mildred Bailey Title: I Can't Face The Music [NY 3-14-1938]c

03 AM

Artist: Jack Payne Title: Dinner At Eight [6-12-1931]

Artist: George Olsen v Bob Borger, Dick Gardner, Fran Frey Title: Lullaby Of The Leaves [4-14-1932]

Artist: Lawrence Welk Title: I'm Happy About The Whole Thing [1939]

Artist: Eddy Howard Title: To Think You've Chosen Me [1950]

Artist: Manny Green Title: This Moment In Time

Artist: Red Norvo v Terry Allen Title: How Can You Forget? [2-23-1938]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Mills Brothers Title: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [1-5-1951]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy Title: Walkin' And Swingin' [3-2-1936]

Artist: Jean Goldkette Title: Clementine [From New Orleans] [9-15-1927]

Artist: Clyde McCoy v The Bennett Sisters Title: Love Can Do the Darndest Things [12-3-1940]

Artist: Earl Hines v Madeline Green And The Three Varietie Title: She'll Always Remember [3-129-1942]

Artist: Ralph Flanagan Title: The Red We Want Is The Red We've Got (In The Old Red, White And Blue) [1950]

Artist: Henry Hall Title: Five-Fifteen [7-24-1935]

Artist: Ginny Simms Title: Perfidia [7-19-1940]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen Title: Someday Sweetheart [1-7-1944]

Artist: Al Kavelin's Cascading Chords v Bill Darnell Title: Practice Makes Perfect [8-8-1940]

Artist: Ray Miller Title: Tessie (Stop Teasing Me) [1-7-1925]

Artist: Orrin Tucker v 'Wee' Bonnie Baker Title: Would Ja Mind? [10-4-1939]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Dick Culver and Jean Cromwell Title: El Rancho Vegas [8-12-1945]

Artist: Georgie Auld Title: Taps Miller [NY 5-11-1944]c

Artist: Jan Garber Title: Why Don't You Practice What You Preach [Chi 5-8-1934]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Johnny Desmond Title: Violets For Your Furs [10-3-1941]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio Title: Windy City Boogie Woogie [2-1941]

04 AM

Artist: Ray Noble Title: Saturday Night At The Nobles [1-29-1939]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: On A Little Street In Singapore [11-22-1939]

Artist: Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Title: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Artist: Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer Title: Ace In The Hole [8-13-1960]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro Title: The Very Thought Of You [10-31-1939]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Claire Hogan Title: Johnson Rag [11-1-1949]

Artist: Sam Donahue Title: Round The Block [12-12-1945]

Artist: Jan Garber v Lee Bennett Title: Blue Sky Avenue [9-14-1934]

Artist: Ray McKinley Title: It's Only A Paper Moon [12-23-1949]

Artist: Paul Ash v Julian Davidson Title: It's A Happy Old World After All [7-13-1926]

Artist: Jack Jackson v Jack Jackson and Chorus Title: Horsey Horsey [1932-1934]

Artist: Noble Sissle's Swingsters Title: When The Sun Sets Down South (Southern Sunset) [2-10-1938]

Artist: Kid Ory's Dixieland Band Title: The Girls Go Crazy About The Way I Walk [3-21-1945]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Uknown Title: Thrilled [NY 5-3-1935]

Artist: Guy Lombardo Title: The Band Played On

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Orch v Bob Eberle And Helen O'Connell Title: Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) [2-3-1941]

Artist: Roger Wolfe Kahn Title: She's A Great, Great Girl [NYC 3-14-1928]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Kathleen Lane Title: Deed I Do [11-22-1938]

Artist: Ray Noble v Al Bowlly Title: Got A Date With An Angel [11-14-1931]

Artist: Slim And Slam Title: Beatin' The Board [10-4-1939]

Artist: Paul Weston v Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae Title: A - You're Adorable [1-28-1949]

Artist: Henry Hall v June Title: Mine For Keeps [3-17-1934]

Artist: Billy Kyle Swing Club Band Title: Big Boy Blues [NY 3-18-1937]

Artist: Ozzie Nelson v Ozzie Nelson Title: What Do You Know About Love [Hwd 6-22-1938]

05 AM

Artist: Eddie Miller And His Big Band Title: Soft Jive [LA 1044]

Artist: Harry James v Bernice Byers Title: Got No Time [NY 4-6-1939]

Artist: Eddie Heywood Title: Them There Eyes [NY 5-2-1944]c

Artist: Kay Kyser v Harry Babbitt, Ginny Simms and Jack Ma Title: Alexander The Swoose (Half Swan, Half Goose) [3-13-1941]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy v June Richmond Title: Unlucky Blues [7-9-1942]

Artist: Ipana Troubador Title: Baby Face [7-8-1926]

Artist: Russ Case v Perry Como Title: Prisoner Of Love

Artist: Jones And Collins Astoria 8 Title: Damp Weather Blues [New Orleans 11-15-1929]

Artist: Benny Goodman v The Band Title: Flat Foot Floogie [5-31-1938]

Artist: Sidney Bechet One Man Band Title: Blues Of Bechet [4-18-1941]

Artist: Shep Fields and His New Music v Ken Curtis Title: This Is Worth Fighting For [5-28-1942]

Artist: Les Brown and The Duke Blue Devils Title: House Hop [11-24-1936]

Artist: Alec Wilder v Mildred Bailey Title: Hold On [11-30-1939]

Artist: Joe Marsala Title: Lower Register [NY 3-21-1941]

Artist: Bon Bon And His Buddies Title: Seeing You Again Did Me No Good [1-12-1942]

Artist: Pied Pipers Title: Mind If I Love You [1948-1950]

Artist: George Hall Title: I Won't Dance [3-5-1935]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli v Beryl Dav Title: Undecided

Artist: Abe Lyman Title: Twilight Time

Artist: Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra v Kenny Sargent Title: Learning [NY 8-16-1934]c

Artist: Red Norvo's Swing Septet Title: Old Fashioned Love [9-26-1934]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: After Looking At You [Chi 10-4-1938]

Artist: Jan August's Rhythm Stylists, Osvaldo Farrés & Ray Title: Without You [1946]

06 AM

Artist: Tony Parenti's New Orleanians Title: Gumbo [12-1928]

Artist: Louis Armstrong v Louis Armstrong Title: Got A Bran' New Suit [10-3-1935]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms Title: The Girl On The Little Blue Plate [6-17-1935]

Artist: Muggys Spanier Ragtime Band Title: September In The Rain [NY 4-22-1944]c

Artist: Lucinda Ellert and Her Happy Feet Dance Orchestra Title: Hop Off

Artist: Ambassadors Title: Oh Peter (You're So Nice) [5-29-1924]

Artist: Jack Fina Trio Title: After Hours [1959]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Skinny Ennis Title: I've Got You Under My Skin [9-2-1936]

Artist: Coleman Hawkins Octet Title: Bouncing With The Bean [1940]

Artist: Earl Hines Sextet v Betty Roche Title: Design For Jivin' [NY 4-26-1944]c

Artist: Reuben 'River' Reeves And His Tributaries Title: River Blues [Chi 5-23-1929]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Title: Time Was [5-19-1941]

Artist: Slim Gailliard Title: Basology [NY 3-11-1941]c

Artist: Stan Kenton Title: Lamento Gitano [2-13-1942]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: At The Swing Cat's Ball [NY 3-29-1939]c

Artist: Eddie DeLange v Elisse Cooper Title: What This Country Needs is Foo' [12-17-1938]

Artist: New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Maple Leaf Rag [9-15-1932]

Artist: Ray Noble v Al Bowlly Title: Love Locked Out [10-12-1933]

Artist: BBC Big Band Title: Swanee River

Artist: Frank Sinatra with Chorus Title: Hey! Jealous Lover [4-9-1956]

Artist: Buddy Tate Title: Tate's A Jumpin' [12-6-1947]

Artist: Major Glenn Miller And The AAFTCB Title: Stealin' Apples [V-Disc 223B 1-21-1944]

Artist: Van Straten and His Music v Julie Dawn Title: The Lady's In Love With You [1939]

Artist: Sidney Phillips Title: Palais De Danse [9-9-1937]

Artist: Woody Herman v Woody Herman Title: Careless [NY 12-13-1939]c

07 AM

Artist: Eddie Condon Windy City 7 Title: Beat To The Socks [1-17-1938]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Orchestra Title: Oh! Lady, Be Good [11-26-1937]

Artist: Port Arthur Jumpers Title: Jeep's Blues [4-3-1940]

Artist: Will Osborne v Unkown Title: Heart And Soul

Artist: Freddy Martin and his Orchestra Title: When They Ask About You

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Bing Crosby Title: Two For Tonight [NY 8-14-1935]

Artist: Enric Madriguera v Bob Bunch Title: Chasing Shadows [Chi 5-22-1935]

Artist: Ted Weems v Perry Como and Elmo Tanner (Whistling) Title: Rose Of The Rockies [1-28-1941]

Artist: Rex Stewart And His 52nd Street Stompers Title: Sugar Hill Shim Sham [NY 7-7-1937]c

Artist: Bennie Moten Title: Lafayette [Camden, New Jersey 12-13-1932]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Benny Goodman and Lisa Morrow Title: All The Cats Join In [2-6-1946]

Artist: Gus Arnheim And His Coconut Grove Orchestra v Jimm Title: So Rare [6-23-1937]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Peg La Centra Title: Let's Call A Heart A Heart [9-17-1936]

Artist: Les Brown v Doris Day Title: Between Friends [NY 1-7-1941]c

Artist: J.J. Johnson Title: Don't Blame Me [5-11-1949]

Artist: Louis Armstrong And The Mills Brothers Title: Marie [4-11-1940]

Artist: Les Brown and His Band of Renown v Henry 'Butch' S Title: Triskadekophobia [9-18-1946]

Artist: Jack Jackson Title: What A Little Moonlight Can Do [10-31-1934]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: After Dinner Speech [4-21-1938]

Artist: Xavier Cuga Title: Is It Taboo? [1961]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jack Leonard and The Band Title: Yearning Just For You [3-10-1938]

Artist: Ray Noble v Al Bowlly Title: When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart [7-2-1934]

Artist: Roy Eldridg Title: High Society [NY 12-1939]c

Artist: Mildred Bailey Title: Wish You Were Waiting [V-Disc 715 NY 2-2-1945]c

Artist: Pied Pipers Title: Madame Butterball [1948-1950]

08 AM

Artist: Freddy Taylor and His Swing Men from Harlem Title: Viper's Dream [4-1-1935]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v Dan Grissom Title: Like A Ship At Sea [LA 11-5-1937]

Artist: Frank Sinatra with The Bobby Tucker Singers Title: Sunday, Monday, Or Always [6-22-1943]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: Drummer Boy [Chi 8-7-1940]

Artist: Edgar Sampson Title: I'll Be Back For More [NY 4-2-1956]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: You Ain't Nowhere [11-14-1938]

Artist: Xavier Cugat And His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra v L Title: Chica, Chica, Boom, Chic [NY 1-24-1941]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: Chili Con Conga [NY 10-17-1939]c

Artist: Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtimer Title: Memphis Blues [9-27-1944]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: Here It Is Tomorrow Again [10-31-1938]

Artist: Russ Williams Title: It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House [1959]

Artist: Eddie Durham And His Band Title: Magic Carpet [NY 11-11-1940]c

Artist: Harry Roy v Billy Currie And Chorus Title: She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor [4-3-1940]

Artist: Jack Marshard v Gil Phelan Title: Reading, Writing And Rhythm [5-23-1939]

Artist: Devonshire Restaurant Dance Band Title: Sugar Foot Stomp [5-26-1927]

Artist: Freddie Jenkins and His Harlem Seven Title: Toledo Shuffle [8-26-1935]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v Mary Lou Title: Mess-a Stomp [NY 9-9-1938]c

Artist: Jimmie Gunn Title: Operator Special [6-18-1936]

Artist: Jack Payne v Jack Plant Title: Paradise [1932]

Artist: Van Alexander Title: Alexander's Swinging (Theme) [11-3-1938]

Artist: Dick Powell And The Mills Brothers Title: Out For No Good

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio Title: After Hours [7-7-1947]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And The Four Keys Title: All I Need Is You [NY 4-10-1942]c

09 AM

Artist: Frankie Masters Title: Scatter-Brain [5-25-1939]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: All In Favor Of Swing Say, Ay [8-24-1939]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De Fr Title: Charleston [Paris 4-21-1937]c

Artist: Count Basie v Jimmy Rushing Title: Jimmy's Blues [NY 12-6-1944]c

Artist: Illinois Jacquet Title: Big Foot [4-6-1949]

Artist: Boots And His Buddies v Charlie Anderson Title: Jealous [San Antonio 2-27-1937]

Artist: Joe Venuti v Joe Venuti and Louis Prima Title: Carmichael Medley Rockin' Chair/Georgia On My Mind/Lazy River (1

Artist: Raymond Scott And His New Orchestra Title: Four Beat Shuffle [6-17-1940]

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow Title: Sendin' The Vipers [5-7-1934]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v The Andrews Sisters Title: Hold Tight, Hold Tight [11-21-1938]

Artist: Vera Lynn Title: Don't Worry 'Bout Me

Artist: Red Norvo Title: I Would Do Anything For You [3-22-1937]

Artist: Glen Gray Title: Just An Old Manuscript [2-15-1946]

Artist: Joe Reichman v Marion Shaw Title: Afraid To Say Hello (Since You Said Goodbye) [2-27-1941]

Artist: Charleston Chasers Title: Wabash Blues [2-25-1927]

Artist: Teddy Hill v Bill Dillard Title: I'm Feelin' Like A Million [5-17-1937]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: Isn't That Just Like Love [NY 11-28-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Martha Tilton Title: Is That The Way To Treat A Sweetheart [Chi 10-13-1938]

Artist: Orrin Tucker v Bonnie Baker and The Bodyguards Title: Oh, Lady Be Good [12-5-1939]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Who'll Buy My Violets? [1-19-1937]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Yancey Special [3-10-1938]

Artist: Sam Lanin v Arthur Fields Title: I Want Somebody To Cheer Me Up [12-29-1925]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Who's Excited [Hwd 12-4-1940]c

10 AM

Artist: Harry James Title: Headin' for Hallelujiah [2-12-1940]

Artist: Kenny Baker Title: Always In My Heart [2-20-1942]c

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Night Hop [5-20-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Sully Mason, Ginny Simms, Jack & Max. Title: Say When [4-5-1941]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Easy Money Blues [12-12-1928]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: St. Louis Blues [New York 9-29-1938]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Blue Lou [4-1940]

Artist: Jack Hylton v Pat O'Malley Title: We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye [1932]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Love Walked In [5-1947]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Forrest Title: The Man I Love [11-13-1940]

Artist: Tony Pastor v Kay Foster Title: It Never Entered My Mind [2-29-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Topsy [11-11-1938]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Sleepy Serenade [4-16-1941]

Artist: Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson Title: Ain't Misbehavin' [9-4-1929]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Stop The Sun Stop The Moon (My Gal's Gone) [2-24-1932]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio v Trio Title: Are You Fer It [10-22-1941]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Someone To Watch Over Me [6-21-1945]

Artist: Art Kassell v Gloria Hart Title: I'll Be Around [1944]

Artist: Richard Himber v Stuart Allen Title: You Hit The Spot [10-21-1935]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Baltimore Bounce [12-20-1939]

Artist: Kay Kyser v HBabbitt, J.Conway, Trudy, M. Williams Title: Can't Get Out Of This Mood [7-28-1942]

Artist: Kay Starr Title: I Only Have Eyes For You [1947-1949]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: When The Lights Are Low [9-11-1939]

Artist: Count Basie v Frank Sinatra Title: The Best Is Yet To Come [6-9-1964]

11 AM

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Bizet Has His Day [1960]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: Gulf Coast Blues [5-9-1940]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Doodle Oodle [10-4-1963]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Chorus Title: I Think You're A Honey [8-17-1932]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: (Gotta Get Some) Shut Eye [2-6-1939]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Sugar Foot Stomp [2-23-1940]

Artist: Charlie Spivak v Tommy Mercer Title: There Must Be A Way [12-1944]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: All My Life

Artist: Horace Heidt v The King Sisters Title: Little Heaven Of The Seven Seas [NY 7-29-1937]

Artist: Wayne King Title: The Waltz You Saved For Me [11-7-1930]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Artie Wayne Title: A Song To Remember [4-7-1945]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Baby Brown [1-5-1935]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Mary Ann McCall Title: Now You Know [NY 12-11-1939]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Out Where The Blues Begins [2-20-1929]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Howard Dulaney Title: You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again [NY 9-17-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Ginny Simms and Harry Babbitt Title: Two Sleepy People [10-11-1938]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Malagueña Salerosa

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: There's No Place Like In Your Arms [Chi 8-17-1938]c

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Night And Day [7-20-1937]

Artist: Frankie Carle v Unknown Title: Where Are You Gonna Be When The Moon Shines? [1934]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Five O'Clock Drag [Hwd 9-26-1941]

Artist: Count Basie v Helen Humes Title: If I Didn't Care [NY 4-5-1939]c

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Wonderful One [3-30-1940]

12 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Things Are Looking Up [Hwd 7-17-1945]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores v Hot Lips Pag Title: Too Marvelous For Words [NY 3-23-1937]

Artist: Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers Title: Glow Worm [1947]

Artist: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Wild Man Blues [6-4-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Back Beats [1-25-1935]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day And Howard Dulaney Title: Green Eyes [NY 5-8-1941]c

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Tappin' At The Tappa [1-3-1940]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Glen Hughes Title: Abraham [Hwd 6-25-1942]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Breakfast Ball [5-14-1934]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: I'm Coming Virginia [NY 1-16-1938]

Artist: Woody Herman Title: Whistle Stop [NY 4-10-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Quartet Title: Annie Laurie [NY 2-3-1938]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Charlie's Prelude [5-19-2004]

Artist: Ralph Flanagan Title: Always [1946]

Artist: King Oliver v George Bias Title: You Were Only Passing Time With Me [9-12-1930]

Artist: Jack Teagarden v Kitty Kallen Title: At Least You Could Say Hello [9-25-1939]

Artist: Harlan Leonard And His Rockets Title: My Gal Sal [Chi 1-11-1940]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly Title: I Remember You [12-10-1941]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro Title: To Love Again [1956]

Artist: Evelyn Knight And The Stardusters Title: Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes [1949]

Artist: Henry Hall Title: Wild Ride [3-6-1934]

Artist: Georgie Auld Title: Chickin' Lickin' [1946]

Artist: Chick Webb v Ella Fitzgerald Title: Everybody Step [6-9-1938]

Artist: Ray Miller Title: Stomp Your Stuff [3-9-1926]

Artist: J. Neal Montgomery v Ted Gillum Title: Auburn Avenue Stomp [3-14-1929]

01 PM

Artist: Jan Garber Title: By The Light Of The Stars [3-29-1925]

Artist: Dinah Shore and Her Happy Valley Boys Title: Buttons And Bows [11-1947]

Artist: Sam Donahue Title: There'll Be Some Changes Made [12-1946]

Artist: Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra Title: No Regrets [NY 7-10-1936]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen Title: Clambake in B-Flat [11-16-1943]

Artist: Bing Crosby Title: The Tender Trap [1955]

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio Title: Black Spider Stomp [11-1941]

Artist: Don Redman v Quentin Jackson and Chorus Title: Margie [12-6-1938]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Lover's Leap [1960]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Adios [Chi 6-25-1941]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Bob Haymes and The Martin Men Title: From Twilight Till Dawn [6-5-1942]

Artist: Frankie Carle Title: If I Had A Dozen Hearts [1944-1946]

Artist: Ella Mae Morse Title: The Blacksmith Blues [12-1951]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: Not A Care In The World [12-10-1941]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Splanky [10-22-1957]

Artist: David Rose v Judy Garland and Gene Kelly Title: For Me And My Gal [7-26-1942]

Artist: Ray Noble v Al Bowlly Title: Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)? [alternate take 2-1-1934]

Artist: Will Bradley Title: As Long As I Live [10-16-1939]

Artist: Billie Holiday Title: Swing, Brother, Swing [7-5-1939]

Artist: Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra Title: A Porter's Love Song [11-23-1934]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Merwyn Bogue, Sully Mason and Harry Ba Title: The Bad Humor Man (Ting-A-Ling) [9-29-1940]

Artist: Abe Lyman's California Orchestra v Phil Neely Title: Just One More Chance [4-12-1931]

Artist: Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson Title: Barrelhouse Boogie [5-7-1941]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Bea Wain Title: Scrapin' The Toast [11-26-1937]

Artist: Dick Haymes And The Song Spinners Title: For The First Time (I've Fallen In Love) [9-7-1943]

02 PM

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Buddy's Wednesday Outing [3-1-1933]

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Candians v Don Rodney A Title: Give Me The Moon Over Brooklyn [12-28-1945]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v Lionel Hampton And Rick Brow Title: Beulah's Sister's Boogie [1-28-1948]

Artist: Una Mae Carlisle Title: There'll Be Some Changes Made [NY 3-10-1941]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Skrontch [5-25-1938]

Artist: Art Kassel And His Kassels In The Air v Trio Title: Angeline [Chi 10-24-1941]

Artist: Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Always [LA 7-23-1937]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists v Jim Ziegler Title: Object Of My Affection [9-10-2002]

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Calling All Bars [5-15-1940]

Artist: Maxine Sullivan Title: Kentucky Babe [1-28-1942]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Them There Eyes [Chi 4-11-1941]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Bublitchki [12-28-1938]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, Al R Title: My Angel [4-21-1928]

Artist: George Wettling's New Yorkers v Jack Teagarden Title: Home [12-12-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Let's Dance [10-24-1939]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: Bolero In Blue [8-7-1940]

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: Dearly Beloved [Hwd 7-30-1942]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Coquette [1962]

Artist: Jack Payne v Jack Plant Title: I'll Do My Best To Make You Happy [1932]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: In The Mood [8-1-1939]

Artist: Six Jumping Jacks Title: Charleston Ball [1-27-1926]

Artist: Harry James Title: Avalon [NY 7-13-1939]

Artist: Harold Arlen v Judy Garland Title: Over The Rainbow [10-7-1938]

03 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: I Could Write A Book [Hwd 6-12-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Liza Morrow Title: Fishin' For The Moon [9-24-1945]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Oh Lady Be Good [10-24-1941]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Carmen Lombardo Title: Just A Little Home For The Old Folks (A Token From Me) [11-25-1932]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Girdle Hurdle [4-2-1939]

Artist: Jan Garber v Harry Goldfield Title: She's A Great, Great Girl [3-13-1928]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Kathleen Lane And Kurt Bloom Title: He Walked Right In [5-7-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: All In The Game

Artist: Count Basie Title: I've Found A New Baby [6-10-1939]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford v The Dandridge Sisters Title: You Ain't Nowhere [7-9-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Dottie Reid Title: It's Only A Paper Moon [NY 6-18-1945]

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: La Cinquantaine [1-13-1945]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Trees [12-23-1937]

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen v Peggy Lee Title: Ain't Goin' No Place [1944]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful

Artist: Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart Title: Tutti Frutti [6-27-1938]

Artist: Anson Weeks Title: You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me [1933]

Artist: Buddy Johnson And His Band v Ella Johnson Title: New Please, Mr. Johnson [NY 5-1-1941]c

Artist: Spike Jones and His City Slickers Title: Mama's Makin' Bombers

Artist: Spitfire Band Title: It Happened In Monterey

Artist: Tex Beneke Title: Blues In The Night March [6-29-1949]

Artist: Bing Crosby Title: Little Lady Make Believe [4-5-1938]

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: Deep Forest [6-28-1932]

04 PM

Artist: King Oliver Title: Can I Tell You? [2-25-1929]

Artist: Harry James v Dick Haymes Title: Secrets in the Moonlight [4-18-1940]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists Title: Bandanna Babies [4-1996]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v The King's Jesters Title: Bass Drum Dan [8-17-1932]

Artist: Al Cooper And His Savoy Sultans Title: Boats [NY 12-29-1941]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven v Edythe Wrigh Title: The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round [4-15-1936]

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: Avalon [7-30-1937]

Artist: Andy Kirk v Pha Terrell Title: Louella [2-12-1946]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Annie Laurie [11-5-1937]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Ruth Bradley Title: Roses In December [6-25-1937]

Artist: Louis Armstrong And Bing Crosby Title: Gone Fishin' [4-27-1951]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Skip It [The Haague, The Netherlands,8-17-1937]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Back In Your Own Backyard [3-22-1937]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Benny Goodman Title: Minnie's In The Money [9-25-1943]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Charleston Alley [1-7-1941]

Artist: Billy Kyle Swing Club Band v Palmer Brothers Title: Sundays Are Reserved [NY 3-18-1937]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Everywhere You Go [5-25-1949]

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: Candy [3-17-1960]

Artist: Buddy Clark Title: Spring is Here [6-14-1938]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: I'm Always Chasing Rainbows [1936-1937]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Connee Boswell Title: Basin Street Blues [LA 9-25-1937]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: Be Happy [Chi 13-1940]c

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Tempo Takes A Holiday [12-15-1937]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Unknown Title: Seein' Is Believin' [SF 4-5-1935]

05 PM

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Open House [Hwd 10-20-1940]c

Artist: Dinah Shore Title: Something To Remember You By [1943]

Artist: Jackie Gleason Title: Paddlin' Madelin' Home [1960]

Artist: Paul Pendarvis v Patricia Norman and Jimmie Stewar Title: I Never Saw A Better Night [2-21-1935]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: If You Were In My Place [4-21-1938]

Artist: Village Boys Title: Boogie Woogie In The Village []

Artist: Nat King Cole Trio v Nat King Cole Title: That Ain't Right [NY 10-22-1941]

Artist: Willie Kelly Title: I Dug A Ditch [1943]

Artist: Tony Pastor and The Clooney Sisters Title: San [3-3-1949]

Artist: Ray Noble Title: Harlem Nocturne [1940]

Artist: Claude Thornhill v Barry McKinley Title: Ebb Tide [8-26-1937]

Artist: Sidney Bechet Title: Blues In Thirds [Chi 9-6-1940]

Artist: Helen O'Connell Title: Thanks For The Memory [1950]

Artist: Les and Larry Elgart Title: Turk's Groove [1960]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Joe Hostetter Title: A Star Fell Out Of Heaven [8-3-1936]

Artist: Teddy Hill v Bill Dillard and Chorus Title: The Love Bug'll Bite You [3-26-1937]

Artist: Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra Title: Crawdad Blues [1923]

Artist: Leo Reisman v Sally Singer Title: Take It Easy [6-15-1935]

Artist: Bob Crosby And His Bob Cats Title: Spain [2-6-1940]

Artist: Charleston Chasers v Jack Teagarden Title: Beale Street Blues [2-9-1931]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert Gentlemen Swing Title: Uncle Epp's Dream [NY 5-22-1941]c

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: You Do Something To Me [2-8-1956]

Artist: Russ Morgan Title: Bye-Bye, Blackbird [1948]

06 PM

Artist: Mound City Blue Blowers Title: Red Hot ! (Unissued) [Chi 3-13-1924]c

Artist: Capitol Jazzmen v Jack Teagarden Title: Casanova's Lament [1944]

Artist: Billy Cotton and His Band v Duo Title: Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore [8-14-1934]

Artist: Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra Title: It's Jam Up [10-25-1927]

Artist: Red Nichols and His Five Pennies Title: Washboard Blues [12-8-1926]

Artist: Dick Haymes And The Songspinner Title: I Heard You Cried Last Night [NY 6-22-1943]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Never Never Land Fantasy [NY 4-23-1940]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Skinnay Ennis Title: A Little White Gardenia [NY 1-18-1935]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Boppin' With Zig [3-22-1949]

Artist: Ella Mae Morse Title: Tess' Torch Song (I Had A Man) [LA 1943]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Artist: Kay Kyser v Kay Kyser, Harry Babbitt, Little Audre Title: The Little Red Fox [LA 10-26-1939]

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: Blueberry Hill [3-26-1956]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: Rose Room [NY 10-2-1939]

Artist: Perry Com Title: Two Loves Have I [1947]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Emma Lou Welch Title: The Blues Jumped Up And Got Me [12-23-1947]

Artist: Andy Kirk Title: Take It And Git [7-29-1942]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Eddie Heywood Title: That Little Dream Got Nowhere [LA 8-9-1945]c

Artist: Woody Herman And His Orchestra Title: That's My Desire

Artist: Johnny Long Band v The Band Title: In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town [2-4-1946]

Artist: James 'Trummy' Young Title: Rattle And Roll [1944-1946]

Artist: Joe Marsala Septet Title: Slightly Dizzy [11-30-1945]

Artist: Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm v Thelma Grace Title: Sun Showers [1951]

Artist: Jan Garber Title: Tin Ear [2-14-1928]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: A Million Dreams Ago [6-13-1940]

07 PM

Artist: Bechet-Spanier Big Four Title: China Boy [3-28-1940]

Artist: Duke Ellington v Mills Brothers Title: Diga Diga Doo [12-22-1932]

Artist: David Rose Title: An American In Paris [1951]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Fredda Gibson (Georgia Gibbs) Title: Absent Minded Moon [NY 1-20-1942]

Artist: Baron Lee and The Blue Rhythm Band Title: Heat Waves [2-25-1932]

Artist: Woody Herman And His Woodchoppers v Woody Herman Title: Fan It [NY 2-13-1941]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven Title: The Sheik Of Araby [7-15-1938]

Artist: Abe Lyman And His Californians v The Revere Sister Title: When You Were The Girl On The Scooter [10-12-1933]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Quartet Title: Just A Mood (Blue Mood) - Part II [9-5-1937]

Artist: Kay Kyser Title: Pushin' Sand [5-4-1942]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Dorothy Clare and Tex Beneke Title: The Air Minded Executive

Artist: Bob Crosby's Bob Cats Title: March Of The Bob Cats [3-14-1938]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Slow Down [NY 3-19-1941]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Helen O'Connell Title: Expecially For You [NY 6-6-1939]

Artist: Noble Sissle Title: Dear Old Southland [4-14-1937]

Artist: Teddy Powell v Ens Title: Serenade To A Maid [11-4-1941]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: Caldonia Boogie [NY 1-19-1945]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintet Title: Clair De Lune 1947]

Artist: Maxine Sullivan Title: Barbara Allen [8-1-1940]

Artist: Eddie South Title: Eddie's Blues [Paris 9-29-1937]

Artist: Henry Hall v Bud Flanagan and Les Allen Title: Roaming [11-13-1933]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne v Pee Wee Hunt Title: Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town [1936-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake 7 Title: Twilight In Turkey [NY 4-15-1937]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: Thanks For The Memory [1-10-1938]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Bing Crosby, Al Rinker and Harry B Title: Happy Feet [2-10-1930]

08 PM

Artist: Skeets Tolbert And His Gentlemen Of Swing v Yack T Title: Sugar Boogie [NY 10-2-1940]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Harry Babbitt and Chorus Title: Ferry Boat Serenade [7-23-1940]

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians Title: Blue Tango [1951]

Artist: June Christy Title: My Heart Belongs To Only You [1953]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro Title: In Acapulco

Artist: Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees v Rudy Val Title: Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? [10-27-1932]

Artist: Six Jumping Jacks Title: Lo-Do-Dee-O [7-9-1926]

Artist: Kay Kyser vHarry Babbitt, Jack Martin, Trudy Erwin Title: Let's Get Lost [7-28-1943]

Artist: Ralph Flanagan Title: La Vie En Rose [7-254-1050]c

Artist: Tony Pastor Title: Blossoms (Theme) [10-3-1941]

Artist: Carmen Cavallaro v Andrews Sisters Title: On The Avenue [6-29-1947]

Artist: Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet Title: Out Of The Gallion [8-30-1945]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: Got No Time [3-8-1939]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight Title: This Time It's Real [5-3-1938]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy Title: Jump, Jack, Jump [10-24-1938]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v The Hampton Rhythm Boys Title: Jivin' With Jarvis [7-17-1940]

Artist: Dick Jurgens v Harry Cool Title: My Sister And I [2-17-1941]

Artist: Albert Ammons Title: Shout For Joy [12-30-1938]

Artist: Maxine Sullivan Title: Turtle Dove [NY 8-22-1939]c

Artist: Ray Miller and His Hotel Gibson Orchestra Title: Weary Blues [10-2-1927]

Artist: Frank Sinatra with The Pied Pipers Title: It Started All Over Again [7-1-1942]

Artist: Abe Lyman v Phil Neely Title: It Looks Like Love [5-5-1931]

Artist: Henry Hall Title: The Waltz In Springtime [10-3-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake Seven v Edythe Wrigh Title: Comin' Thro' The Rye [3-10-1938]

Artist: Judy Garland And Merry Macs Title: On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe [LA 9-7-1945]

09 PM

Artist: Hal Kemp Title: Dinner For One, Please, James [1935]

Artist: Jan Garber v Tony Allen Title: I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star [11-12-1937]

Artist: Bing Crosby And Johnny Mercer Title: Small Fry [LA 7-1-1938]

Artist: Omer Simeon Trio Title: Smokehouse Blues [8-21-1929]

Artist: Paul Weston Title: Lullaby In Rhythm [1956]

Artist: Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians v Don Rodney Title: Love on a Greyhound Bus [3-15-1946]

Artist: Pete Johnson Title: Blues On The Downbeat [NY 8-30-1940]

Artist: Casa Loma Orchestra v Kenny Sargent Title: Where There's Smoke There's Fire [11-16-1934]

Artist: Lawrence Welk Title: That Old Black Magic

Artist: Les Brown v Doris Day Title: Let's Be Buddies [NY 11-29-1940]c

Artist: L'orchestre Musette Victor Title: Joseph! Joseph! [Paris-July-August 1938]

Artist: Mills Brothers And Louis Armstrong Title: Flat Foot Floogee [6-10-1938]

Artist: George Wettling Rhythm Kings Title: Darktown Strutter's Ball [1-16-1940]

Artist: Victor Sylvester Title: I Once Had A Heart, Margarita [1939]

Artist: High Hatters v Johnny Marvin Title: Cheerful Little Earful [10-28-1930]

Artist: Frankie Carle v Marjorie Hughes Title: Oh! What It Seemed To Be [10-1945]

Artist: Billy Kyle Trio Title: I Want You, I Need You [NY 4-11-1946]

Artist: Herb Jeffries Title: When I Write My Song [1946]

Artist: Reginald Foresythe And His Music Title: Garden Of Weed [Lon 2-9-1934]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly and Kitty Kallen Title: Besame Mucho [10-7-1943]

Artist: Art Hodes Title: Georgia Cake Walk [NY 3-17-1942]c

Artist: Harry James v Dick Haymes Title: Braggin' [3-26-1941]

Artist: Lester Young v Billie Holiday Title: Without Your Love [6-15-1937]

Artist: Harlan Leonard and His Rockets Title: Parade Of The Stompers [3-11-1940]

Artist: Bennie Krueger v Dick Robertson Title: Gosh Darn [4-5-1932]

10 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: St. James Infrimary Blues Part 2 [NY 11-12-1941]c

Artist: Harry Roy And His Band v Harry Roy Title: Lets Be Buddies [5-30-1941]c

Artist: King Sisters Title: It's Easy To Remember [1951]

Artist: Harry James Title: Nothin' [9-8-1941]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Midnight Oil [3-30-1938]

Artist: Ina Ray Hutton and Melodears Title: How About Tomorrow Night? [7-19-1934]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Lady Be Good [10-9-1936]

Artist: Jack Payne and His BBC Dance Orchestra v Billy Sco Title: Let The People Sing [2-10-1931]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Stardust [9-3-1958]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy Eight v Ella Fitzger Title: If That's What You're Thinking [NY 4-21-1939]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Mad About The Boy [1936-1937]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle, Tex Bebeke And The Mode Title: Dear Arabella [NY 9-3-1941]c

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: The Parade Of The Milk Bottle Caps [7-7-1936]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Algiers Stomp [11-20-1936]

Artist: Carole Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans v Brian Lawran Title: From The Top Of Your Head [10-28-1935]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Ramona Davies Title: You're An Old Smoothie [12-8-1932]

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow and His Swing Band Title: Mutiny In The Parlor [3-12-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Dick Haymes Title: Out Of This World [4-14-1945]

Artist: Baron Lee and His Blue Rhythm Band Title: The Scat Song [4-5-1932]

Artist: Art Kassel v Art Kassel and Trio Title: The Guy Needs A Gal [2-13-1940]

Artist: Savoy Orpheans Title: What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? [5-26-1926]

Artist: Bud Shank And Len Mercer Strings Title: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [NY 4-4-1958]

Artist: Ozzie Nelson v Harriet Hilliard Title: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Artist: Teddy Powell Title: Straight Eight Boogie [2-26-1841]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Don Cornell Title: I Left My Heart At The Stagedoor Canteen [6-5-1942]

11 PM

Artist: Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Blue Jazz [NY 7-25-1932]c

Artist: Ted Fio Rito v Johnny Candidio Title: Hold Me [3-1933]

Artist: Bing Crosby With The Ken Darby Singers Title: Song Of Freedom [5-29-1942]

Artist: Jack Jenney Title: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise [V-Disc 739B 12-6-39]

Artist: Ted Wallace Title: Buffalo Rhythm [New York 9-12-1927]

Artist: Adrian Rollini Quartet v The Tune Twisters Title: Small Fry [6-23-1938]

Artist: Eddie Fisher Title: Any Time [1951]

Artist: Shep Fields v Bob Goday Title: You're Here, You're There (You're Everywhere) [NY 4-18-1937]

Artist: Claude Thornhil Title: Pop Goes the Weasel [V-Disc 271A2 9-29-1940]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: The Lonesome Road [5-9-1938]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: O'er The Billoway Sea [1-27-1930]

Artist: High Hatters v The Chorus Title: Don't Hold Everything [11-20-1928]

Artist: Harry James Title: Ring For Porter [5-4-1957]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Blue Rhythm Fantasy [5-11-1937]

Artist: Eddie Heywood v Bob Eberly Title: Don't You Love Me Anymore? [9-4-1947]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Marion Mann Title: I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak [Chi 3-29-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Lullaby In Rhythm [NY 4-8-1938]c

Artist: Louis Prima And His New Orleans Gang v Louis Prima Title: Swing Me A Lullaby [LA 5-17-1936]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Is It Taboo? (To Fall In Love With You) [9-3-1941]

Artist: Charlie Spivak v Tommy Mercer and Irene Day Title: Springtime In Charleston [12-9-1947]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Belgium Stomp [NY 9-14-1939]c

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Muchacho Azul (Blue Boy) [11-10-1947]

Artist: Jacques Hélian Et Son Orchestre v Lou Darley Title: Bing Bang Blues (The Blacksmith Blues) [1952]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: A Study In Blue [10-20-1938]

Artist: Eddy Duchin v Johnny Drake Title: You Walk By [NY 12-5-1940]




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