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Date Played: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

12 AM

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow and His Swing Band Title: Mutiny In The Parlor [3-12-1936]

Artist: Baron Lee and His Blue Rhythm Band Title: The Scat Song [4-5-1932]

Artist: Buck and Bubbles v Ivie Anderson Title: Breakfast In Harlem [10-5-1936]

Artist: Savoy Orpheans Title: What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? [5-26-1926]

Artist: Bud Shank And Len Mercer Strings Title: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [NY 4-4-1958]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Carmen Lombardo And Larry Owen Title: In My Little Red Book [2-23-1938]

Artist: Teddy Powell Title: Straight Eight Boogie [2-26-1841]

Artist: Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Blue Jazz [NY 7-25-1932]c

Artist: Jack Jenney Title: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise [V-Disc 739B 12-6-39]

Artist: Mildred Bailey v Mildred Bailey Title: The Moon Got In My Eyes [6-29-1937]

Artist: Ted Wallace Title: Buffalo Rhythm [New York 9-12-1927]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Frank Sinatra Title: A Sinner Kissed An Angel [9-18-1941]

Artist: Eddie Fisher Title: Any Time [1951]

Artist: Claude Thornhil Title: Pop Goes the Weasel [V-Disc 271A2 9-29-1940]

Artist: Cliff Jackson And His Krazy Kats Title: Waitin' Thru' The Night [1930]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists v Kayre Morrison Title: Let's Face The Music And Dance [9-10-2002]

Artist: Zutty Singleton Creole Band Title: Crawfish Blues [6-30-1944]

Artist: Dick Haymes Title: How Deep Is The Ocean? (How High Is The Sky?) [8-3-1945]

Artist: Capt Glenn Miller and the AAFTC Orchestra Title: Embraceable You [NY 1-21-1944]

Artist: Gene Sedric And His Honeybears Title: Clarinet Blues [NY 9-6-1946]

Artist: Gus Armheim and His Coconut Grove Orchestra v Bing Title: Ho Hum! [5-1-1931]

Artist: John B. Sebastian, Sr. Title: Stompe a la Turca (Rondo From Sonata #9) [1948]

Artist: Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra Title: Blue Minor [7-6-1934]

Artist: Blue Barron v Charlie Fischer Title: Medley:All My Life, I Didn't Know What Time It Was, There Goes My Heart

Artist: Cootie Williams Rug Cutters Title: Blues In My Condition [5-7-1941]

01 AM

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina [NY 3-19-1941]

Artist: Mills Brothers Title: Till Then [2-27-1944]

Artist: Glenn Miller (Frankie Carle composition) Title: Falling Leaves [9-30-1940]

Artist: Count Basie v Helen Humes Title: Who Am I [NY 12-14-1940]

Artist: Bennie Moton's Kansas City Orchestra Title: Slow Motion [9-7-1928]

Artist: Lew Leslie's Blackbird Orchestra Title: Bandanna Babies [8-14-1928]

Artist: Noble Sissle and His International Orchestra Title: Polka Dot Rag [8-15-1934]

Artist: Johnny Mercer Title: Someday Sweetheart [10-1946]

Artist: Lloyd Keating and His Music Title: Love Letters In The Sand [8-20-1931]

Artist: Henry King Title: The Peanut Vendor [7-21-1938]

Artist: Kay Kyser v The Moonbeams Title: One-Zy, Two-Zy (I Love You-Zy) [2-15-1946]

Artist: Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten Title: Charleston Is The Best Dance After All [1-24-1928]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: Daydreaming (All Night Long) [5-2-1938]

Artist: Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators Title: Frolic Sam [12-19-1936]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton Red Peppers Title: Primrose Stomp [6-2-1930]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Kenny Martin and Claire Hogan Title: I Don't Know Why [2-7-1950]

Artist: Judy Garland Title: I'm Nobody's Baby [LA 4-10-1940]c

Artist: Clarence Williams Title: Let Every Day Be Mother's Day [5-14-1935]

Artist: Victor Young Title: It Never Dawned On Me [1935]

Artist: Russ Case v Perry Como Title: All Through The Day

Artist: Henry Allen Title: Feeling Drowsy [7-17-1929]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins And His 'Bama State Collegians v M Title: I'll Get Along Somehow [NY 8-12-1937]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Quartet with Red Norvo on Xylophone Title: Ain't Misbehavin' [Los Angeles 9-5-1937]

Artist: Carl Lorch v Shirley Dean Title: Does Your Heart Beat For Me [8-28-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Sextet Title: Good Enough To Keep [V Disc 33 3-13-1941]

02 AM

Artist: Fats Waller Title: Clothes Line Ballet [11-16-1934]

Artist: Buddy Johnson Title: In There [NY 4-9-1941]

Artist: Charioteers Title: So Long [NY 3-4-1940]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Gloria DeHaven Title: Because Of You [1951]

Artist: George Olsen and His Music Title: Sunny [11-6-1925]

Artist: Benny Carter And His Swing Quintet Title: Royal Garden Blues [Lon 10-19-1936]

Artist: Edmond Hall's Blue Note Jazzmen Title: Night Shift Blues [11-29-1943]

Artist: Dick Jurgens v Harry Cool Title: Nighty Night [4-10-1941]

Artist: Django Reinhardt And The Hot Club Of France Title: Solitude [Paris 4-21-1937]

Artist: Henry Burr Title: Beautiful Ohio [11-20-1918]

Artist: Curtis Jones Title: Solid Jive [1940]

Artist: Red Norvo And His Blackhawk Orchestra Title: I Would Do Anything For You [Chi 3-22-1937]

Artist: Barney Bigard Trio Title: Moon Glow [1-22-1944]

Artist: Jimmy Grier v Bing Crosby Title: Shadows Of Love [3-10-1934]

Artist: Alex Bartha Title: Red Blues [7-6-1932]

Artist: Sam Donahue m m Title: The Whistler [9-9-1947]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Forrest Title: Busy As A Bee [12-27-1939]

Artist: Vince Girodano and The Nighthawks Title: Clementine (From New Orleans) [12-6-1986]

Artist: Hal Kemp v Skinny Ennis Title: Love In Bloom [7-20-1934]

Artist: Morris Stoloff Title: Moonglow (Theme From Picnic) [1956]

Artist: Billy Cotton v Unknown Title: A Great Big Bunch Of You [1930]

Artist: Savoy Havana Band Title: At Sundown [1927]

Artist: Leonard Feather Allstars Title: Scram [NY 12-1-1944]

03 AM

Artist: Busse's Buzzards Title: Deep Elm (You Tell 'Em I'm Blue) (78) [7-9-1925]

Artist: Larry Clinton v Bea Wain Title: The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) [11-26-1937]

Artist: Cootie Williams Title: 'Round Midnight [8-22-1944]

Artist: George Olsen and His Music v Joe Morrison Title: The Last Round Up [7-11-1933]

Artist: Django Reinhard Title: Studio 24 [Paris 4-16-1942]

Artist: J. C. Higginbotham Six Hicks Title: Give Me Your Telephone Number [2-5-1930]

Artist: Kay Kyser v Bill Stoker and Ginny Simms Title: Who? [1-18-1937]

Artist: Buddy Rich Title: Nellie's Nightmare [V-Disc 790 4-11-1944]c

Artist: Leo Reisman Title: April In Paris [NY 4-21-1941]

Artist: Zutty's Creole Band Title: Oh, Didn't He Ramble [1945]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Edythe Wright Title: You Couldn't Be Cuter [1-6-1938]

Artist: Kid Ory and His Band Title: Bucket Got A Hole In It [10-21-1946]

Artist: Willie 'The Lion' Smith Title: Three Keyboards [NY 11-30-1938]

Artist: Kay Starr Title: Stars Fell On Alabama [1952]

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra Title: Cotton Club Stomp [5-3-1929]

Artist: The Missourians Title: Swingin' Dem Cats [NY 2-17-1930]c

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy v Pha Terr Title: In My Wildest Dreams [7-26-1937]

Artist: Norman Luboff Choir v Jo Stafford Title: Jambalaya (On The Bayou) [7-20-1952]

Artist: Al And Bob Harvey Title: The Mademosielle From The Maginot Line [1939]

Artist: Louis Armstrong's Hot Five Title: Muggles [12-7-1928]

Artist: The Commander Title: Swanee River Boogie [1953]

Artist: Henry Hall v Les Allen Title: In The Moonlight [2-4-1933]

Artist: Sidney Bechet's One Man Band Title: The Sheik Of Araby [4-18-1941]

04 AM

Artist: Hotel Commodore Orchestra Title: Let's Call It A Day [4-11-1933]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: One Look At You [NY 3-28-1939]

Artist: George Lee Title: Ruff Scufflin' [11-6-1929]

Artist: Ink Spots Title: Don't Believe Everything You Dream [11-17-1943]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestra v Ella Fi Title: Betcha Nickel [NY 6-29-1939]c

Artist: Benny Goodman v Helen Forrest Title: What'll They Think Of Next [NY 1-16-1940]c

Artist: Count Basie And His All American Rhythm Title: Way Back Blues [LA 7-24-1942]

Artist: Jack Payne v Jack Plant Title: Auf Wiedersehen My Dear [1932]

Artist: Al Dexter and His Troopers Title: Saturday Night Boogie [11-1947]

Artist: Mezzrow-Bechet Septet Title: House Party [8-30-1945]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle And The Modernaires Title: She'll Always Remember [2-18-1942]

Artist: Lovie Austin's Serenaders Title: Frog Tongue Stomp [4-1926]

Artist: Chick Bullock's Levee Loungers Title: Here It Is Monday (And I've Still Got A Dollar) [11-12-1932]

Artist: Vaughn Monroe Title: Racing With The Moon [2-17-1941]

Artist: Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men Title: Blue Horizon [12-20-1944]

Artist: Bill Lawrence Title: Jealous Heart [1948]

Artist: Joe Venuti's Blue Four Title: Little Buttercup [6-10-1931]

Artist: Jack Purvis Title: Down Georgia Way [4-4-1930]

Artist: Tommy Ladnier Title: When You And I Were Young, Maggie [11-28-1938]

Artist: Jess Stacy And His Trio Title: Lullaby Of The Leaves [Los Angeles 7-5-1950]

Artist: Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians Title: The West, A Nest And You [10-16-1923]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: Bluebirds In The Moonlight [10-9-1939]

Artist: Earl Jackson's Musical Champions Title: Red Devil 5-1931]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins And His Bama State Collegians v Ji Title: Red Cap [8-12-1937]

05 AM

Artist: Stuff Smith And His Onxy Club Boys Title: Upstairs [NY 5-4-1937]c

Artist: Sidney Bechet Trio Title: Blues In Thirds (Caution Blues) [Chi 9-6-1940]

Artist: Henny Hendrickson's Louisville Serenaders Title: Without A Gal [Cam 6-10-1931]

Artist: Betty Hutton Title: His Rocking Horse Ran Away [1944]

Artist: Stuff Smith Title: My Thoughts [NYH 9-14-1938]c

Artist: Eddie Miller Title: (Love's got me in a) Lazy Mood [LA 1944]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: Queen Isabella [NY 8-31-1937]c

Artist: Teddy Wilson Quintet Title: I Surrender Dear [1-15-1945]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton's Seven Title: Panama [NY 1-4-1940]c

Artist: Bunny Berigan And His Boys Title: Dixieland Shuffle NY 2-17-1937]c

Artist: Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra v Gene Austi Title: The Lonesome Road [4-26-1929]

Artist: Hampton's Rhythm Boys Title: Blue Because Of You [Hwd 7-17-1940]

Artist: Paul Weston v Jo Stafford Title: Love is Just Around the Corner [V-Disc 328B2]

Artist: Duke Ellington's Washatonians Title: East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Second Version) [12-19-1927]

Artist: James P. Johnso Title: Old Fashioned Love [8-15-1944]

Artist: Helen Forrest And Dick Haymes Title: Together [LA 6-27-1944]c

Artist: Red Norvo's All-Star Sextet Title: Subtle Sextology [7-27-1944]

Artist: Don Byas Title: Savoy Jam Party Part 1 [NY 8-17-1944]c

Artist: Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers Title: Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp [Chi 10-8-1927]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Jack Lathrop Title: Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar [NY 9-12-1940]

Artist: Benny Morton v Henry 'Red' Allen Title: The Gold Diggers Song [2-23-1934]

Artist: All Star Collegians Title: All American Girl [1932]

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra v Ivie And Title: Scronch [2-24-1938]

06 AM

Artist: The Washingtonian Title: Saratoga Swing [NY 3-15-1929]c

Artist: Raymond Scott's Quintet Title: Manhattan Minuet [1939]

Artist: Art Kahn v Chick Bullock Title: The Grass Is Gettin' Greener All The Time [3-31-1933]

Artist: Emil Coleman v Unknown Title: Where Have You Been? [12-8-1931]

Artist: Billy Cotton and His London Savannah Band Title: Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider [12-1928]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day And Roy Eldridge Title: Let Me Off Uptown [NY 5-8-1941]c

Artist: Nat Shilkret Title: When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By [6-19-1928]

Artist: Glenn Mille Title: Little Brown Jug

Artist: Jungle Town Stompers Title: Slow As Molasses [New York 4-15-1929]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: All Of You [2-9-1956]

Artist: Harry James' Boogie Woogie Trio Title: Boo Woo [5-1-1939]

Artist: Freddy Martin v Elmer Feldkamp Title: Everything's Been Done Before [2-18-1935]

Artist: Port Arthur Jubileers Title: Jones Stomp [4-3-1940]

Artist: Leroy Anderson Title: The Typewriter [1950]

Artist: Skeets Tolbert Title: Fill-Up [1-29-1942]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: Sugar [NY 1-30-1939]

Artist: Quintet Hot Club Of France Title: I Saw Stars [2-1949]

Artist: Will Bradley and Ray McKinley Orchestra v Ray McKi Title: Rock-A-Bye The Boogie [7-16-1940]

Artist: Richard Himber Title: It's Psychological [3-19-1934]

Artist: Eric Winstone and His Swing Quartet Title: Oasis [1942]

Artist: Woody Herman v Orchestra Title: Pick A Rib [NY 1-5-1940]

Artist: Sonny Greer And The Memphis Men Title: Beggars Blues [NY 5-28-1929]c

Artist: Jack Hylton Title: Black And Blue Rhythm [9-16-1933]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jack Leonard Title: Wanted [NY 3-10-1937]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tymapny 5 Title: Pinetop's Boogie Woogie [NY 1-24-1941]c

07 AM

Artist: Pete Johnson's All Stars Title: Pete's Housewarming [1-31-1946]

Artist: Bing Crosby and Eddie Heywood Title: Who's Sorry Now? [9-5-1945]

Artist: Jimmy Hamilton And The Duke's Men Title: Blues For Clarinets [11-21-1945]

Artist: Martha Tilton Title: I'll Walk Alone [3-10-1944]c

Artist: Rex Stewart 52nd St Stompers Title: Tea And Trumpets [1937]

Artist: Ambrose v Jack Cooper Title: Red Sails In The Sunset

Artist: Bert Firmens Quintuplets Of Swing Title: Swingitis [9-20-1937]

Artist: Ray McKinley v Ray McKinley Title: Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume

Artist: Paul Tremaine Title: Aristocratic Stomp [10-2-1929]

Artist: Charlie Barne Title: Evergreen

Artist: Don Redman v Don Redman and The Band Title: Pistol Packin' Mama [11-12-1943]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And Her Famous Orchestr Title: Five O'Clock Whistle [9-25-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller (The Band That Failed) v Kathleen (K Title: Every Day's A Holiday [12-13-1937]

Artist: Enric Madriguera Title: Orchids In The Moonlight [1-24-1934]

Artist: New Friends Of Rhythm Title: Heavy Traffic On Canal Street [V-DISC 388B2 3-1945]

Artist: Boswell Sisters Title: If I Had A Million Dollars [10-4-1934]

Artist: Dorothy Shay Title: Feudin' And Fightin' [8-27-1946]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: You Call Everybody Darling [7-26-1948]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five Title: Inflation Blues [LA 12-1-1947]

Artist: Ralph Flanagan v Harry Prime Title: Mona Lisa [7-24-1950]

Artist: Three Peppers Title: Pepperism [5-22-1939]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stepahne Grappelli Title: Jeepers Creepers [3-21-1939]

Artist: Leroy Anderson And His Pops Concert Orchestra Title: Blue Tango [1952]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Judy Ellington Title: Asleep Or Awake [NY 4-5-1939]c

Artist: Keith Nichols' Blue Devils Title: Jelly's Blues

08 AM

Artist: Eddie Condon And His Windy City Seven Title: Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland [4-30-1938]

Artist: Wilton Crawley Title: Keep Your Business To Yourself [12-2-1929]

Artist: Woody Herman v Woody Herman Title: Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet [3-23-1944]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton Title: Bluebirds In The Moonlight [Meadowbrook 11-25-1939]

Artist: Harlem Footwarmers (Ellington) Title: Syncopated Shuffle [11-20-1929]

Artist: Edmond Hall's All-Star Quintet Title: Smooth Sailing [1-25-1944]

Artist: Thomas Morris And His 7 Hot Babies Title: Ham Gravy [8-17-1942]

Artist: Johnny Mercer Title: Love Is Just Around The Corner [10-1946]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Trio Title: Whispering [11-1944]

Artist: Jack Jenny Title: Stardust [NY 10-19-1939]c

Artist: Red Norvo and His Swing Septet Title: Tomboy [10-4-1934]

Artist: Sidney Bechet Quintet Title: Summertime [6-8-1939]

Artist: Anne Shelton Title: Lay Down Your Arms [1956]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Carmen Lombardo Title: So Rare [NY 7-16-1937]

Artist: Dutch Swing College Band Title: Willy The Weeper [3-1960]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Jazzmen v Jelly Ro Title: I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say [9-14-1939]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: For Every Man There's A Woman [12-2-1947]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: Ramblin' [4-30-1938]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Tommy Mercer Title: How Little We Know [12-31-1956]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Showboat Shuffle [10-15-1936]

Artist: Stuff Smith and Onyx Club Boys Title: Serenade For A Wealthy Widow [7-1-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Moonlight In Vermont [10-19-1956]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Bugle Call Rag [1962]

09 AM

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: What Is This Thing Called Love? [10-24-1941]

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: The Lady Is A Tramp [1-10-1956]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Swingin' At The Daisy Chain [1-21-1937]

Artist: Paul Whiteman v Jack Fulton Title: How Deep Is The Ocean? (How High Is The Sky?) [9-26-1932]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Alligator Crawl [11-16-1934]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: Futuristic Rhythm [2-20-1929]

Artist: Woody Herman v Woody Herman and Chorus Title: Caldonia [2-6-1945]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Star Dust [Chi 2-20-1931]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Out Of Nowhere

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Spaghetti Rag

Artist: Glen Gray v Eugenie Baird Title: My Heart Tells Me [10-1-1943]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Rockin' In Rhythm [6-19-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Petite Fleur [6-30-1967]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: Some Like It Hot [LA 2-26-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Moon Mist [1-21-1942]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: A New Kind Of Man [8-29-1924]

Artist: Ben Bernie v Ben Bernie Title: Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams [11-14-1930]

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Mush Mouth [5-24-1932]

Artist: Blue Barron v Chorus Title: Cruising Down The River [1948]

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: At The Rug Cutter's Ball [5-4-1936]

Artist: Earl Hines Title: Windy City Jive [Hwd 8-20-1941]c

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm v Fats Waller Title: Cross Patch [4-8-1936]

Artist: Sammy Kaye Title: Harbor Lights [8-1950]

10 AM

Artist: Clarence Williams' Blue Five Title: House Rent Blues [11-14-1923]

Artist: Red Norvo v Stew Pletcher Title: If You Love Me [2-28-1936]

Artist: Illinois Jacquet Title: Illinois Blows The Blues [4-1-1947]

Artist: Bob Crosby v Nappy Lamare And Eddie Miller Title: Between 18th And 19th on Chestnut Street [NY 12-6-1939]

Artist: Charlie Spivak Title: Flat Feet [4-15-1946]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Nancy Norman Title: Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home [NY 6-5-1942]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Et Le Quintette Du Hot Club De Fr Title: All Of Me [Paris 12-17-1940]

Artist: Lionel Hampton v Lionel Hampton Title: I'm On My Way From You [10-12-1939]

Artist: Raymond Scott And His New Orchestra Title: Get Happy [NY 10-18-1939]c

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Tin Roof Blues [NY 1-20-1939]c

Artist: Art Kassel v Art Kassel Trio Title: Down The Alley And Over The Fence [10-24-1939]

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Blue Boys Title: I'm Coming Virginia [12-13-1935]

Artist: Frankie Masters Title: Twitterpated [1942]

Artist: Glen Gray And Casa Loma Orchestra v Kenny Sargent Title: You Go To My Head [NY 2-24-1938]c

Artist: Red Norvo's Swing Octet Title: Knockin' On Wood [4-8-1933]

Artist: Glen Gray Title: Narcissus [8-23-1934]

Artist: Erroll Garner Trio Title: Gliss In The Dark [NYC 12-18-1944]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Irene Daye Title: Love In My Heart [2-28-1940]

Artist: Fred Astaire Title: I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket [1-30-1936]

Artist: Charleston Chasers Title: Someday Sweetheart [1-4-1927]

Artist: Red Norvo Title: Remember [Chicago 3-22-1937]

Artist: Artie Shaw and his v Helen Forrest Title: Supper Time [1-17-1939]

Artist: Mezz Mezzrow Title: Blues In Disguise [6-14-1937]

Artist: Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five Title: Keep Smilin' At Trouble (Trouble's A Bubble) [12-4-1935]

11 AM

Artist: Van Alexander Title: Say It Isn't So [1962-1963]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Red Bank Boogie [1-10-1944]

Artist: Alix Combelle And His Swing Band Title: Nerves And Fever [Paris 2-20-1940]c

Artist: Teddy Hill v Beatrice Douglas Title: Would You Like To Buy A Dream? [3-26-1937]

Artist: Spike Hughes Title: Fanfare [5-18-1933]c

Artist: Louis Armstrong Title: Perdido Street Blues [5-27-1940]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Ray Eberle Title: Moonlight Becomes You [2-24-1940]

Artist: Lucky Millinder Title: Apollo Jump [9-5-1941]

Artist: John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 1-19-1939]

Artist: Ben Bernie Title: Let Me Sing And I'm Happy [3-3-1930]

Artist: Richard Himber v Stuart Allen Title: If I Should Lose You [NY 10-21-1935]

Artist: Les Elgart Title: Misty

Artist: Harry James v Betty Grable Title: I Can't Begin To Tell You [NY 8-20-1945]

Artist: Benny Goodman Trio Title: Puttin' On The Ritz [4-16-1947]c

Artist: Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra Title: Riding On A Blue Note [2-2-1938]

Artist: The Hi Lo's Title: Fascinatin' Rhythm

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, FR Title: Sugar

Artist: Horace Henderson Title: Ain't Misbehavin' [10-23-1940]

Artist: Henry Busse Title: Ja-Da

Artist: Eddy Howard v Eddy Howard Title: Put 'Em In A Box (Tie 'Em With A Ribbon) [1948]

Artist: Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores Title: Maelstrom [NY 9-10-1937]

Artist: Willie Lewis Title: After You've Gone [Zürich 6-27-1941]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Dawn on The Desert [NY 5-1-1939]

12 PM

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Nobody Knows The Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin' [6-4-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Swingin' In E Flat [10-4-1934]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberle Title: Blue Champagne [NY 4-29-1941]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Tuxedo Junction [NY 3-8-1940]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Wrappin' It Up [5-28-1938]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Group Title: My Extraordinary Gal [1952]

Artist: Harry James Title: Jump Town [Hwd 7-22-1942]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Pyramid [Hwd 12-3-1940]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Easy Rider [10-20-1938]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Pauline Byrne Title: Gloomy Sunday [Hwd 3-3-1940]c

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: The Munson Street Breakdown [10-30-1939]

Artist: Earl Hines v Billy Eckstine Title: Ann [NY 6-19-1940]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Zooming At The Zombie [7-9-1940]

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Please [1958]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Creole Rhapsody (Part Two) 1-20-1931]

Artist: Artie Shaw v Helen Forrest Title: This Is It [1-31-1939]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Coming Out Party [11-17-1941]

Artist: Tempo King And His Kings Of Tempo v Tempo King Title: Swing High, Swing Low [NY 1-14-1937]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Narcissus [1936-1937]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes [1-29-1936]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: It Had To Be You [4-14-1942]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Sleepy Lagoon [6-17-1942]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You) [LA 3-29-1936]

Artist: Harry James v Dick Haymes Title: Maria Elena [V-Disc 238B 1941]

Artist: Jess Stacy Title: Clarinet Blues [11-30-1939]c

01 PM

Artist: Boots And His Buddies Title: Riffs [San Antonio 8-14-1935]

Artist: Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole And The King Cole Tri Title: You Can't Make Money Dreamin' [LA 8-20-1947]

Artist: Paul Whiteman Title: Song Of India [4-25-1929]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake 7 v Edythe Wright Title: Alibi Baby [NY 4-15-1937]

Artist: San Francisco Starlight Orchestra Title: Where The Shy Little Violets Grow

Artist: Raymond Scott Title: When Cootie Left The Duke [1-6-1941]

Artist: Benny Goodman and His Boys Title: Wolverine Blues [1-23-1928]

Artist: Bing Crosby Title: Danny Boy [7-5-1941]

Artist: Barney Bigard Title: Step Steps Up [1-22-1944]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Seven Clouds Of Joy Title: Christopher Columbus [3-7-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer v Chorus Title: I Think You're A Honey [8-17-1932]

Artist: Jack Teagarden Title: Mighty Lak' A Rose [11-16-1943]

Artist: Red Norvo v Mildred Bailey Title: Posin [NY 7-9-1937]

Artist: Jan Savitt Title: Manhattan Sunrise [Chi 4-3-1941]

Artist: Ambrose Title: Hors D'Oeuvres [1-4-1935]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven v Hughie Princ Title: El Rancho Grande [1940]

Artist: Frances Langford Title: At Your Beck And Call [4-6-1938]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: One O'Clock Jump [1962]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Overheard In A Cocktail Lounge [New York 8-13-1937]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jack Leonard Title: Day In, Day Out [NY 8-3-1939]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Hocus Pocus [3-6-1934]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Lullaby To A Dream [4-1-1941]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Slip Horn Jive [6-2-1939]

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: These Foolish Things [9-30-1956]

Artist: Harry James Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 2-20-1939]c

02 PM

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Temptation [9-7-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Down Home Rag [NY 10-31-1938]c

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: Any Bonds Today [NY 10-18-1941]c

Artist: Duke Ellington v Ivie Anderson Title: Happy As The Day Is Long [5-9-1933]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Watch What Happens [1976]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Over The Waves [3-18-1940]c

Artist: Count Basie Title: Pound Cake [5-13-1939]

Artist: Leo Reisman v Frank Munn Title: For You [4-7-1931]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Impromptu [NY 8-26-1941]c

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: (Concerto For Cootie)Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me[3-15-1940]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm [5-20-1936]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Business In Q [8-17-1932]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Chasin' With The Chase [Chi 4-8-1941]c

Artist: George Olsen and His Music v Bob Borger Title: Because My Baby Don't Mean 'Maybe' Now [5-28-1928]

Artist: Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: Blues In The Air [10-14-1941]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: Gabriel Meets The Duke [2-27-1940]

Artist: Les Brown v Doris Day Title: A Sentimental Journey

Artist: Woody Herman Title: The Golden Wedding [9-27-1940]

Artist: Cab Calloway v Cab Calloway Title: Boog It [3-8-1940]

Artist: Mora's Modern Swingtet Title: Jitterbug's Lullaby [5-19-2004]

Artist: Ink Spots Title: This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening [12-23-1943]

Artist: King Oliver Title: I'm Watching The Clock [9-12-1928]

Artist: Earl 'Fatha' Hines Title: Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues [2-13-1940]

03 PM

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: March From 'Carmen' [6-21-1945]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: What Is This Thing Called Love? [2-9-1956]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Ballad In Blue [6-25-1935]

Artist: Louis Jordan Title: Fat Sam From Birmingham [6-13-1951]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: Black Bottom [12-23-1937]

Artist: Mora's Modern Rhythmists Title: Modern Melody [9-10-2002]

Artist: Fred Waring's Pennsylvanian Title: It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry [10-28-1926]

Artist: Al Cooper and His Savoy Sultans Title: Little Sally Water [10-16-1939]

Artist: Tex Beneke Title: Riverboat Shuffle [1-3-1950]

Artist: Anson Weeks Title: Medley: Night And Day/Sweet And Lovely [1931]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Claire Hogan Title: Charlie My Boy [11-1-1949]

Artist: Spitfire Band Title: Two O'Clock Jump

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Polka Dots And Moonbeams [11-1947]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: Sentimental And Melancholy [3-18-1937]

Artist: James P. Johnson's Blue Note Jazzmen Title: Joy Mentin' [NYC 3-4-1944]

Artist: Django Reinhardt Title: Tears [3-22-1940]

Artist: Guy Lombardo Title: Singin' in the Rain [V-Disc 352A2 1-1945]

Artist: Kid Ory's Dixieland Band Title: Mahogany Hall Stomp [June 1950]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: Sing A Tropical Song [4-4-1944]

Artist: Slim Gaillard And His Flat Foot Floogie Boys Title: Ra-Da-Da-Da [4-4-1942]

Artist: Eddie Miller And His Big Band Title: You're A Builder-Upper [LA 1944]

Artist: Andy Kirk and His Clouds Of Joy v Pha Terrell Title: Sittin' Around Dreaming [10-25-1938]

Artist: Eddie Condon And His Band Title: Save Your Sorrow [NY 12-11-1943]

04 PM

Artist: Benny Goodman Quartet Title: Smiles [8-2-1937]

Artist: Dorsey Brothers v Bing Crosby Title: I Wish I Were Aladdin [NY 8-14-1935]

Artist: John Scott Trotter Title: In Dutch With The Duchess [8-1960]

Artist: Sammy Kaye v Don Cornell Title: The Shrine of St. Cecelia [10-23-1941]

Artist: Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band Title: Riverboat Shuffle [NY 11-22-1939]c

Artist: Leo Reisman v Sally Singer Title: Lost In A Fog [9-7-1934]

Artist: Art Hodes' Chicagoans Title: Yellow Dog Blues [NYC 3-18-1944]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: It's A Low Down Dirty Shame [NY 7-21-1941]

Artist: Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli Title: Swing ཟ [12-27-1937]

Artist: Benny Goodman Septet Title: Gone With What Draft [NY 2-24-1941]

Artist: Mills Brothers Title: Good-Bye, Blues [3-8-1932]

Artist: Billy Kyle Swing Club Band Title: Handle My Heart With Care [7-23-1937]

Artist: Bobby Hackett Title: New Orleans [NYC 1944]

Artist: Perry Como Title: Simple And Sweet

Artist: Noble Sissle's Swingsters Title: Blackstick [2-10-1938]

Artist: Bud Freeman Title: I Got Rhythm [NY 10-1945]c

Artist: Muggsy Spanier's Dixielanders Title: Lazy Piano Man [Chi 3-27-1950]

Artist: Roger Wolfe Kahn Title: Cooking Breakfast For One [1-22-1930]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jack Leonard Title: More Than Ever [NY 1-27-1938]

Artist: Will Bradley and Ray McKinley Orchestra Title: Dark Eyes [3-15-1941]

Artist: Eddie Heywood Title: Indiana [New York - 2-19-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Peggy Lee Title: The Lamp of Memory [NY 1-15-1942]

Artist: Edgar Hayes Title: Edgar Steps Out [5-25-1937]

Artist: Slim And Slam Title: Splogham [4-19-1940]

05 PM

Artist: David Miller Title: The Best Of Swingin' Down The Lane

06 PM

Artist: Stan Kenton Title: The Nango [Hwd 9-11-1941]

Artist: Bud Freeman Trio Title: At Sundown [NY 4-13-1938]c

Artist: Jan Garber v Fritz Heilbron Title: Outside [8-28-1928]

Artist: Roy Eldridge Title: That Thing [Chi 1-28-1937]c

Artist: Dixie Rhythm Kings Title: Story Book Ball [9-11-1929]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: I Wanna Be Loved [3-30-1950]

Artist: Les Brown and The Duke Blue Devils Title: Dance Of The Blue Devils [11-24-1936]

Artist: Gus Arnheim Title: Singin' In The Rain [4-28-1929]

Artist: Lucinda Ellert and Her Happy Feet Dance Orchestra Title: Stevedore Stomp

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: You Belong To Me [6-24-1952]

Artist: Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Title: Little Old Lady [12-28-1936]

Artist: Frank Sinatra Title: Hidden Persuasion [8-31-1960]

Artist: Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy Title: Little Miss [NY 7-8-1940]

Artist: Jack Payne Title: By A Waterfall [6-12-1931]

Artist: Isham Jones Title: Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet [10-13-1932]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald Title: Skylark [10-20-1964]

Artist: David Carroll Title: Gadabout [1953]

Artist: John Scott Trotter v Bing Crosby Title: Smarty [10-14-1937]

Artist: Wingy Manone Title: Zero [10-3-1934]

Artist: Engelbert Wrobel Title: A Lull At Dawn [11-14-2000]

Artist: Russ Morgan v The Skylarks Title: Crusin' Down The River [1-20-1949]

Artist: Jelly Roll Morton Title: Original Rags [12-16-1939]

Artist: Ted Weems Title: Goody Goodbye [10-4-1939]

Artist: Henry Hall v Les Allen Title: Twenty Million People [3-14-1933]

Artist: New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: I've Found A New Baby [9-15-1932]

07 PM

Artist: New Orleans Rhythm Kings Title: San Antonio Shout [9-12-1934]

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald And The Four Keys Title: When I Come Back Crying [NY 4-11-1942]c

Artist: Dorsey Brothers Title: Judy [4-23-1934]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Mary Ann McCall Title: From Another World [2-27-1940]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Dark Eyes [NY 3-10-1937]c

Artist: Harry James Title: I Want A Little Girl [5-4-1957]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Solid Sam [Chi 10-30-1941]c

Artist: Tex Beneke v Tex Beneke Title: My Heart Is A Hobo [12-23-1946]

Artist: Count Basie Title: April In Paris [NYC 1-1956]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: The Great Lie [1-27-1945]

Artist: Chuck Foster v Trio Title: Beautiful Eyes [1940]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: My Funny Valentine [1936-1937]

Artist: Charlie Barnet v Martha Raye Title: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen [8-5-1946]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: King Porter Stomp [7-20-1944]

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: In A Sentimental Mood [6-15-1936]

Artist: Andrews Sisters Title: The Blond Sailor [6-26-1945]

Artist: Teddy Wilson v Billie Holiday Title: You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me [NY 11-28-1938]c

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Sweet Georgia Brown [NY 10-24-1940]c

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: Rhapsody In Blue [Chi 7-15-1942]

Artist: Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5 v Louis Jordan Title: The Green Grass Grows All Around [Chi 11-15-1941]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Sunny Side Up [NY 10-10-1929]

Artist: Teddy Wilson Title: Jumpin' For Joy [5-28-1939]

Artist: Larry Clinton Title: The Campbell's Are Swingin' [11-5-1937]

Artist: Rosemary Clooney Title: Half As Much [9-1951]

Artist: Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra Title: Always [7-23-1937]

08 PM

Artist: Cab Calloway Title: Three Swings In And Out [1-26-1938]

Artist: Ziggy Elman Title: Cheek To Cheek [3-22-1949]

Artist: Mills Brothers Title: Old Fashioned Love [8-12-1934]

Artist: Frances Langford Title: You Belong To My Heart [1947]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: Tea For Two [3-15-1939]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Admiration [Chi 1-9-1935]

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Shufflebug Shuffle [11-1-1939]

Artist: Bunny Berigan and His Boys v Chick Bullock Title: But Definitely [6-9-1936]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: Stealin' Apples [10-25-1937]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: You Hit The Spot [1962]

Artist: Count Basie Title: I Do Mean You [Chi 4-10-1941]

Artist: Wayne King Title: Jumpin' Jupiter [Chi 6-21-1941]

Artist: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse,FR Title: Humoresque

Artist: Henry Hall v Les Allen Title: I'll String Along With You [7-3-1934]

Artist: Fats Waller and His Rhythm Title: Fractious Fingering [6-8-1936]

Artist: Jack Melick Title: Las Clases Del Cha Cha Cha [1979]

Artist: Benny Goodman v Martha Tilton Title: I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star [NY 10-22-1937]

Artist: Louisiana Rhythm Kings Title: O'er The Billoway Sea [1-27-1930]

Artist: Guy Lombardo v Kenny Gardner Title: Peg O' My Heart [1948]

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Is It Taboo? (To Fall In Love With You) [9-3-1941]

Artist: Freddie Martin v Eddie Stone and Chorus Title: Heavenly, Isn't It? [12-27-1941]

Artist: Harry James Title: Ring For Porter [5-4-1957]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Blue Rhythm Fantasy [5-11-1937]

09 PM

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Lullaby In Rhythm [NY 4-8-1938]c

Artist: Larry Clinton v Bea Wain Title: Always And Always [1-5-1938]

Artist: Jimmie Lunceford Title: Belgium Stomp [NY 9-14-1939]c

Artist: Jack Payne v Billy Scott Coomber Title: What More Can I Ask? [6-12-1931]

Artist: Lionel Hampton Title: Muchacho Azul (Blue Boy) [11-10-1947]

Artist: Erskine Hawkins Title: A Study In Blue [10-20-1938]

Artist: Spike Jones v Del Porter and Chorus Title: Behind Those Swinging Doors [8-8-1941]

Artist: Bob Crosby Title: Royal Garden Blues [8-19-1936]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: I Should Care [11-20-1944]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Midnight Sun [8-6-1958]

Artist: Bunny Berigan v Gail Reese Title: I'd Love To Play A Love Scene [NY 10-7-1937]c

Artist: Gus Bivona Title: Southern Fried [1958]

Artist: John Kirby Title: Impromptu [8-10-1939]

Artist: Ethel Merman Title: Move It Over [7-1942]

Artist: Mugsy Spanier Title: American Patrol [6-1-1942]

Artist: Freddie Martin Title: Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto In B Flat [6-16-1941]

Artist: Will Bradley Title: Johnson Rag [11-22-1939]

Artist: Frankie Carle Title: Penguin At The Waldorf [3-1946]

Artist: Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Choir Title: If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon [1947]

Artist: Chick Webb Title: In The Groove At The Grove [2-17-1939]

Artist: Joe Venuti Title: Rose Room [9-20-1934]

Artist: Glen Gray v Kenny Sargent Title: Till We Meet Again [NY 4-15-1942]

Artist: Albert Ammons And Pete Johnson Title: Foot Pedal Boogie [6-17-1941]

10 PM

Artist: Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra Title: Every Evening [5-16-1928]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey v Jack Leonard Title: You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By [NY 4-3-1939]c

Artist: Freddy Martin Title: Second Hungarian Rhapsody [V-Disc 156B1]

Artist: Three Suns Title: That Old Gang Of Mine [1954]

Artist: Buddy Morrow Title: The Shadow Waltz

Artist: Buddy Johnson v Ella Johnson Title: That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch [1945]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: Three Blind Mice [8-25-1927]

Artist: Eddie Fisher Title: Sweet Heartaches [1956]

Artist: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Feetwarmers Title: I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll [4-28-1941]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: Breakfast Dance [NY 11-14-1929]

Artist: Modernaires Title: Ragtime Cowboy Joe [1940]

Artist: Count Basie Title: San Jose [V-Disc 744 5-14-1945]c

Artist: Benny Goodman Title: Please Be Kind [1973]

Artist: Fats Waller And His Rhythm v Fats Waller Title: You're Letting The Grass Grow Under Your Feet [11-3-1939]

Artist: Nat Brandwynne Title: Love Tales [1936-1937]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey Title: Grand Central Getaway [V Disc 391 (Army) 7-12-1944]

Artist: Harry James Title: Let's Go Home [V-DISC-217A 5-1941]c

Artist: Artie Shaw Title: Lover Come Back To Me [1-17-1939]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Johnny Desmond Title: All Through The Night [12-29-1941]

Artist: Glenn Miller Title: St. Louis Blues March

Artist: Claude Hopkins Title: Mad Moments [5-24-1932]

Artist: Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra Title: You're Just A No Account [NY 12 -13-1939]c

Artist: Earl Hines Title: The Earl [NY 11-17-1941]c

Artist: Boyd Raeburn Title: I'll Always Be In Love With You [1-17-1945]

11 PM

Artist: Teddy Hill Title: (Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie [2-26-1935]

Artist: Syd Lawrence Title: 9:20 Special [8-24-1973]

Artist: Tommy Dorsey Title: It Started All Over Again [7-1-1942]

Artist: Gene Krupa v Anita O'Day Title: Skylark [NY 11-25-1941]c

Artist: Benny Carter Title: Tree Of Hope [NY 10-16-1941]

Artist: Fletcher Henderson Title: What Good Am I Without You? [12-2-1930]

Artist: Fred Astaire Title: I'd Rather Lead A Band [1-30-1936]

Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet Title: Shirley Steps Out [1947-1948]

Artist: Count Basie Title: Dinah [4-1944]

Artist: Frankie Trumbauer Title: National Emblem March [2-23-1940]

Artist: Count Basie v Earl Warren Title: Time On My Hands [LA 7-27-1942]

Artist: Mills Blue Rhythm Band Title: Weary Traveller [3-1-1933]

Artist: Jo Stafford Title: Serenade Of The Bells [9-25-1947]

Artist: Bunny Berigan Title: In The Dark [NY 12-1-1938]c

Artist: Claude Thornhill Title: Autumn Nocturne [NY 10-6-1941]

Artist: Glenn Miller v Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke and Jack Title: Fresh As A Daisy [NY 11-8-1940]

Artist: Elliot Lawrence Title: Hand Me Five [6-21-1945]

Artist: Duke Ellington Title: West Indian Stomp [1-15-1941]

Artist: Charlie Barnet Title: Flying Home [5-8-1940]

Artist: Jimmy Dorsey v Bob Eberly Title: I Hear A Rhapsody [12-4-1940]

Artist: Gene Krupa Title: Handful Of Keys [3-24-1950]

Artist: Francis Bay Title: Button Up Your Overcoat [1962]

Artist: Harry James Title: One O'Clock Jump [NY 1-5-1938]c




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